Thursday, May 27, 2010

follow-up / walking & work

I'm just going to follow up the last post with this: I started my 'table runner' and it looks good so far, it's a triangle with some holes in it. Neatly placed holes, which makes it 'lacey.' Also - I finally got brave and attempted to learn what cables are all about because I like them, but I was too afraid of messing up. It was easy and look what I made:

It's a... ummm. I guess I'll glue it to the blank piece of magnet I have from the mini-Dex..? Whatever, at least this opens up a whole lot more knitting patterns for me!

So anyways. I'm pretty sure our little guy is officially walking now! He did about 5-6 steps a bunch of times yesterday and practiced standing up w/out touching anything over and over and over. And giggling everytime he leaned back and fell down. He also likes to share:

And lastly - AHHHHHHHHH! I like my job & I like the (2) ladies, BUT this last week or two has been painfully annoying. Everytime I get my stack of work down to the point that it doesn't give me a headache to just look at it... something else piles on. I don't care about little stuff, but a group of 30 employees who are getting 2 policies each and need to be done in 3-4 days PLUS added to the ACH on the 4th day. WOW - it's been a whirlwind. Plus we've had about 10 other apps from other agents in there too. A normal week for me is about 8-10 policies total, so yea I've been busy. That's all good and well. . . . IF I had an office and could close the door. No, I'm in the reception area with MM's (motor mouth) desk & door facing right at me. She just goes on and on and on about her phone calls (she's the claim's dept. and has to search down peoples' med. info, it sounds frustrating, I'll give her that) and who this and that and what time. And did that last fax go through? blah blah blah. I've been wanting to give her my favorite line of "SHUT UP!" for a long time now. I can't focus! I know this is the reason I never worked with a 'study buddy' or anything in school. I just need quiet or background noise I don't have to focus on.

Last thing - we're having dinner with Devin's grandma tonight. yippeeeeee. *sarcasm* but at least she's driving herself there!

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