Monday, March 17, 2014

hello... a year later.

so uh. whats up blog?
just gotta show something off real quick that i'm super proud of:

so, yes, we are having a baby this summer. and it is a girl.
i got a hand-me-down high chair from devin's daycare and the padding part was kind of... yucky. 
it would have worked fine but it also had a somewhat boyish design and i knew it could be better so this weekend I sewed up a new and improved pad! sooooo cute!! 

i wanted a more girly pattern and also i wanted to include blue since the tray and another part at the bottom have that blue writing on it i didn't want that all to stand out too much. I love it so much, the cherry blossoms are my favorite!

also, i know there are no holes for the belts & buckles to go through. i plan to add that later, i wasn't given the straps so I have to find buckle parts and straps that will work with it, shouldn't be any big deal and i have at least 6-ish months until it will be needed anyway :)

i'm going to have a hard time sticking the highchair back in the closet until we need it, i just love looking at it so much now!