Monday, December 22, 2014

christmas knitting.

almost done:


all dressed up for brother's church Christmas program:

less than thrilled @ the Christmas tree:

Friday, December 19, 2014

five on friday

hellooooooo , helloooooooooo (that's supposed to be my echo hah)

here's 5 things on my mind today, i'm sure everyone was waiting to know :P

1. Christmas is almost here and I am so unprepared... I am hoping to solve that this weekend though.
Tomorrow afternoon I have a mommy-friend-date to bring kids to see Santa :) I am excited. aaaaand afterwards she said she will watch my kids so we can shop for the kids' presents :) awesome. still can't believe I have plural kids now.

2. THIS is happening tonight. North Dakota State is in the semi-finals and we are going to friends' to mooch their cable watch the game and have pizza. If they win, they will be playing for their fourth consecutive national championship. pretty cool for such a small state.

3. Sicks went around our house again this week. awesome. Devin missed 2 days of Kindergarten and we sent him today, crossing our fingers the school would not be calling us to pick him up an hour later :/ they didn't. Then yesterday the baby puked (not spit) at daycare. Thank goodness it's the weekend, we need some rest & to recover!!

4. new specs. :)
pardon my BRF,  i really am excited. i got them at JCP optical during the 50% off all frames sale (which might still be going on) with an additional 25% off coupon. amazing! my old lenses were extremely scratched, so this was overdue. the happiest part is they are pink on the insides.

5. the baby!!
she is completely charming and adorable (despite waking up at night still). and she sits in the bath now. which is actually the kitchen sink and so cute. plus it makes my life much easier, bye bye baby bathtub you big hunk of storage problems!

 Happy weekend friends!! and Merry Christmas if you don't hear from me again before then . . . . . .