Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday - KAL edition


We are finishing week one for the luvinthemommyhood's tops, tanks, & tees knit along! This is exciting stuff people!
I was about to sit this one out because of lack of stash & funds, but it didn't feel right because I love this KAL, so I was about to cast on a sweater from my queue in acrylic craft store yarn just for the fun of joining in even though I felt I would not be able to love a cute summer top knit from acrylic. I still find myself thinking that I am knitting for practice... 3 whole years after learning my first stitches. So I thought I would knit a top for practice just to be a part of the group.

I mentioned my idea (of just doing the acrylic) in the ravelry group and a very kind & generous soul offered to help me with the yarn. Now I have this beautiful wonderful summery purpley linen cotton blend that I am extremely anxious to knit with! (another huge thank you!!)
How amazing is that!?

the pattern:
I was torn between three patterns: Gemini, Work+Shelter, and Cap Sleeve Lattice Top. There are far too many cute summer tops patterns on Ravelry and to narrow it down to three was tough. I eventually came to the conclusion that work+shelter has been in my queue the longest without being cut so that will be the one! Here's how it should look in the end:
and here's how it looks now:

I know, it's not much but i only just got my yarn yesterday and rib it is kind of a pain. I am on the last row of rib before I start into the lace pattern and then stockinette, which should fly!

Happy knitting!