Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Oooh this is great! LOL

WIP Wednesday.. ehhhh.....
I haven't done much knitting since I finished D's hat (which was complimented in person today, yay!). BUT my costume is done, done, done!! It was a little more work than I think I expected when I set out to make my own, but it is just about exactly as I envisioned. I wanted to make a dress, but since I've never sewed a dress before, I made a skirt instead and paired it with a coordinating tank top I already owned. Eh, can't win 'em all.

As far as knitting, I'm working on the peacock bag which is coming along nicely, Rob's mom saw me knitting it in the car and now she wants one too. Good thing it's a pretty simple pattern, I think I'll make hers purrrple - her favorite color & try to get it to her for Christmas.

I did a few rows of ribbing on orange and I think I'll try finish it soon! Only a few rows left of 2x2 ribbing and straps!

Next I want to start an infinity scarf - oh, and mittens. I found a cute pair of purple knit mittens my mom bought me a few years back, with snowflakes and even sequins on them that are super adorable but one is tighter than the other and it drives me crazy. Plus I lost one this morning. *sad face* I hope the ones I make are just as lovely and even softer :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

been busy

So I finished Devin's earflaps hat and it is sooo darn cute on him. Wonder if he'll actually keep it on ever?!
Stupid me taking this picture with him on my lap, didn't get the poms in the picture. They're there though, right under the bottom of the picture.. you can kinda see the top one, the others are just like it LOL.

Progress with my halloween costume? Thumbs up. I ran out of fabric and Hobby lobby is closed Sundays, so I'll have to finish it sometime this week (obviously) and it won't take more than an hour or two.

Speaking of knitting and halloween: check this out! Creepy!

And a few photos of babies from the football game last night. We went to D's godparents house to watch (and have wings, yet again, Rob's completely hooked).
They kept touching hands & Devin tried joining her in there but he just threw all the toys out on the floor LOL. meanie!
Devin's cheerleader girlfriend Lexi.

Stealing the baby's Bumbo chair!

By the way, decking the babies out in their purple gear did not equal luck for our team. Sad.

Friday, October 22, 2010

it's coming

Halloween, that is. And quickly.
Also, last minute we realized we would have a babysitter and we would be able to go to a party.
Parties on Halloween (or the weekend of) require costumes.

I'm sewing my own, here's a preview:

Thursday, October 21, 2010


photobucket. it's like doodling on the computer.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wip wednesday.

the beginnings of a bag. gonna call it peacock bag. :)
Oh and it WAS the dishcloth... I decided I didn't like it and that this would be prettier!

Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend pictures.

I used to know how to blog without pictures. How did I do that? So glad for digital technologies, especially cameras. :) (and a camera phone which takes better pictures than the actual camera PLUS uploads them to photobucket automatically)
Hmm. So, I picked up D from daycare at about 4pm Friday. when I got there he was laying down and whining, which he She said he'd been doing it about half an hour and acting normal before that. So, we get in the car and he passes out before we've gone half a block and we live like 5 blocks from daycare so, a really short car ride. Then we get home and I sit him on my lap and cuddle. Not 3 minutes after getting in the door he barfs down my shirt. As in, down the inside of my shirt & bra, NASTY!
I set him on the floor right away so I could get my shirt off and he dozed off again. Which he also never does. He sleeps in his crib and ONLY in his crib.

So, I also made something this weekend!
a little wreath made from a phonebook, ribbon & beads :) I put it above my sink for a little kitchen cuteness, which was seriously lacking before. The picture is in the livingroom picture window, I don't have a window above my kitchen sink unfortunately, hence the need for something there..

And last night I started yet another knitting project since I'm *almost* done with the hat I made D. Just have to hide the extra yarn ends & attach the poms (which I made last night). I temporarily misplaced my little yarn needle for sewing the ends in though, I know it'll turn up today or tomorrow, but meanwhile, I'm knitting another bag like the one from Mother's day, I *think* it'll be prettier though. I have about an hour left of knitting on the razor cami (orange) but I just can't seem to want to do it. It's boring ribbing.

Tie for cutest pictures ever:
kitten on facebook & sick boy playing truck

Thursday, October 14, 2010


What have I been up to lately.. honestly, I can't remember! I can tell you what I haven't been doing... (grocery shopping, cleaning house, laundry, dishes, going to bed early)
I'm tired, I know that! I blame football! We stayed out too late watching football Sunday AND Monday. I had the afternoon off yesterday and used it to enjoy a little relaxation & a nap.
Dev and I have gone to the park lots because 1. it's super close, like closer than the neighbors. and 2. we're really gonna miss it when it's covered in snow. Devin is going on big boy walks with me, around the block, the trail around the park.. everywhere. Its nice not to use the stroller and to let him burn off some energy & explore a little that way. Walks always take a little longer than they should, but we love the fall air so no biggie.

Here's the dollar store yarn in action. Almost done.
I blurred the edges because I really need to vacuum. hahaha. It's an earflap hat for winter for little man. It's going to have a red pom at the top, if I can learn that... as well as be lined in red around the bottom and have cords from the flaps with poms on the bottom too. Look how little yarn I have left in gray.. hopefully enough to do part two of my plan.. I was getting worried I wouldn't be able to close off the top of the hat! Oh yea, and those are bamboo knitting needles. I used to love them, but I have decided I hate them with this yarn, everything seemed so sticky and my fingers are sore! The regular aluminum kind is much better for me.

Beet harvest was put off a bit because it was too warm. Last year was too wet. It's always something... Instead the day crew did soybeans while the night people still did beets. All in all, Rob has still worked tons of hours. Like 95ish in 9 days. He must really love us. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my very first


It's not awesome. And it's also not very big. All of that is intentional since I used a pattern called a training mitten. The name makes me giggle, but I suppose it fits.

It is kinda cute though. And I this is the right-handed (they are in fact different!) one. I might have to make the other one since it looks like it'd fit D. Not sure if this color is boyish enough though, or that it'll look very good with his coat.. hmm.

No this is not what I'm using my dollar store yarn for. I'm just a procrastinator who loves instant gratification, which explains why I knit a bookmark last week.
Well, and because I really needed one.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Got new yarn yesterday:
At the dollar store of all places. It's Caron (which is a pretty popular chain store brand) but this type is not on their website for whatever reason. It's called Rhapsody, and I realized why it was a dollar after I  bought it... It's a really small amount. But, I'm sure it's enough for what I got it for... any guesses?
I can't start anything until I finish what I've got going right now, but it will be soon, and now I have the yarn in the right colors (talk about lucky day a the dollar store, they only had about 5 colors) for the project I wanted to do next. :)