Wednesday, April 25, 2012

put a sleeve on it

oh my wow! I only have one sleeve left to knit (and about 844 ends to weave in) before I officially complete my first sweater!

Mr. Curdy says I should wear it like this, he says he likes it, but then if i get bored I can just work on it some hahaa.

oh shoot, i just remembered she will need buttons too. 10 of them. got a little carried away with the buttonholes, but I think it'll do!

Friday, April 20, 2012


check out my temp ride:
so cute. (thats my shadow, not a dent on the front fender)
my truck is broke (big suprise, not.) so i'm borrowing my MIL's car for now while we work out what we want to do with mine (fix or dump). It already went to the shop, and is running now, and even better than before but is still a big turd so...

adult life is so awesome... *sigh*

Rob now wants me to have my own PT (i pretty much do too) but he says if we get me one, it must be all tinted so nobody can see him driving it. I guess it's not masculine enough.... ha. good thing he has his own pickup.

Devin thinks its awesome riding in grandma's car and thinks that we must hunt for other PTs while driving it.. he's so funny. He also knows other (GMC) Jimmy's really well too now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Glasses pictures - haha!
Devin is the green lantern.
(and looks a little tipsy maybe?)
don't even ask me how he knows what green lantern is
I know I didn't tell him, cuz I don't know either LOL

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

why I didn't win the megamillion

I know this is topic is sooo last week, but I wanted you all to know: I didn't win the megamillions because I didn't know how to get a ticket - LOL.
Like, I know you get it from the gas station, or the grocery store.
I asked like 5 of my friends "how do I buy a ticket, like, what do I say?" haha
in the end I ended up not getting one. Oh well. just goes to show I'm not addicted to gambling haha.
too bad.

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter weekend

Ya know, i've gotten so bad with my camera I rarely take pics anymore, here's a couple from my phone from the weekend. Me and Devin got to stay home on Friday, it was awesome. In the afternoon we went over to the park, check out D's hair - the wind was nuts this weekend! Also, love his little sweater jacket from grandma! Reminds me of cookie monster lol.

this is actually from the previous weekend, but we dyed more at grandma&grandpas house on Easter!
<3 Happy Easter