Friday, September 30, 2011

good things

lookie what I can do! I've been practicing awhile with some pretty lame attemps.
Normally I braid the tail too, but meh... it's friday :)

Other big news:
Big boy bed!
He's been in there almost a month now.
and get this!: he hasn't climbed down once without us being in there!
when he doesn't want to go to bed, he whines, but stays put.
when he wakes up and wants to come down, he calls for us.
how sweet is that!?

It feels like forever since I've knit, so I will probably be doing that (of course) this weekend while rob is working 12-hour days harvesting sugar beets.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{TUSAL} September

I know you've all been waiting for this month's TUSAL report... right?
Well here you go...
getting pretty full :)

Also, what I've been working on... finished stuff:

all-day beret - pattern by debbie stoller

730 am pre-make-up bathroom shots. sorry, it just finished drying this morning and is going in the mail today, so i was rushing.
plus a request for  'a hat to match his coat - it's red with gray, so maybe like black' from my sister. Well, i made it black, black is hard to photograph, and probably wear on your head, so i might end up re-making in dark gray. Just a simple 2x3 rib....
it'll do....

that is all - lunchtime - happy wednesday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well this week is a bit colorful!
Lets go from bad to good.
Ok, so I'm not really being fair in calling this bad. They are cute:
Even stretched over my man hands...

I have followed the pattern exactly, except for one thing. The yarn.
I thought I had it right, but I actually used thinner yarn than this pattern says.
(sport rather than chunky)
It's still OK in my book, even if they have to stretch more than the example to fit.
I'm going to have to go back and add a little more length to the fingers and give it a thumb. No biggie.
Oh ya, and then make the other mitten. heh.

sock one. of my first pair of socks.
socks are not fun to knit.
i don't really care what anybody says about them being quick or portable or anything!
the stitches are so tiny that they are not quick - at least not to me, and I've definitely picked up knitting speed.
(which reminds me, next on my list of techniques to learn is magic loop)
but i really really want to have my own pair of handknit socks and I'm so close that I'm just gonna suck it up and finish these eventually.
 believe it or not, this sock does fit on my foot (other than lengthwise because, uhhh it's not done yet) which is amazing because it looks so tiny my mother-in-law was convinced I was making socks for Devin when she saw this come out of my bag.
they are really really stretchy and i'm still not sure i'm sold on the color mumble-jumble created by the pattern and yarn. what-ever. could be worse I suppose.

and finally, what I consider my most successful WIP right now.
It's actually done now, the all day beret.

photo from
I tried a new yarn on this one - the one recommended on the pattern, duh.
(down to the color.. hehe)
Bamboo Ewe - 55% viscose from bamboo, 45% wool.
I really liked it because it's so smooth, even, soft, and slightly shiny!
I think I am developing an addicton to knitting hats, they work up quick, cute and useful!

**my dad calls me Bella - awww.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall TV

So, you know I'm sorta obsessed with TV right?
Well I have a big problem. My antenna (ya....) won't pick up NBC right now.
NBC is my favorite network. I'm just crossing my fingers it will start working soon... maybe some snow will help? I have no idea, we got new upstairs neighbors and once they moved in our NBC stopped working. Freaking digital tv. I hate it.

But anyways, last night was new:
How I Met Your Mother - Good! I'll be watching, there's usually not much else I want to watch on Mondays.
Two and a Half Men - ya... i'm sure I'll be watching this too. Not sure about it having Ashton K. but I didn't not like it. The season premiere should have been an hour long in my opinion.
New show: Two broke Girls: seems funny. I hope it stays funny & stays on the air..

So sad I won't be watching Biggest Loser tonight unless a digital tv miracle occurs. Regardless, there's another new show I want to watch tonight anyway. Girl crush is right... I so said that to Rob last night when the commercial came on! Though, sad but true, I originally thought Z. was Katy Perry and I hate her, so I wasn't going to watch.... ooops!

What are you watching this fall?

Friday, September 16, 2011

the cure.

Everyone! Get excited!
I found the cure for the icks that I had!

Baking, my old favorite, came through this time.
Last week, I found this recipe and finally got around to making it last night.

I don't even have words for how good they are.

I individually wrapped some for the freezer so I don't have to make them again right away.

They were really easy to make, the only thing is, I thought for sure I had mixed up some cookie dough but I plopped it in the muffin tin anyway, and they came out perrrfect!

Also, I'm feeling alot better today except for the ear thing. maybe by monday.
have a good weekend everybody. enjoy the muffins!
Also, fall is coming! Hooray for more pumpkin goodies!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


so this week following last weekends wedding excitement has been a very blah week.
{which explains the fact that i can't title my blog post today}
I'm sick. waaaah. maybe an ear infection or fluid from a cold, idk. it feels gross.

I brought our dirties to my parents over the weekend and one whole basket of clean laundry is still sitting in my truck. seriously. it's Thursday. uhm yea.

but anyways, back to the wedding stuff. my cousin Emily got married this weekend.

9-10-11 - cool wedding date, eh?

Devin was the ring-bearer. he actually handled his responsibilities (other than the whole pillow thing) pretty well.

He also stayed up way past his bedtime dancing and harassing flirting with the flower girls. I actually saw him hugging them several times throughout the night. and it was adorable.

It was also my {favorite} brother's 21st birthday that night. I actually only have just the one brother - he's the 2nd youngest in our fam. I'm the oldest. When he was a baby me and my sister constantly fought over who he likes better. I'm sure it was me.

time for more tylenol cold. talk later.

PS. cute, right? i so want to make some, but I put my coffee in insulated thermos-type mugs. i think i'll make one for emergency gas station coffee stops, to keep in my car anyways.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

funny baby

Guess what!
Chicken butt! HAHAH!
remember that old joke?
Found this one at 'snappy stop' in Rochester.
Yummy little burger stand.
When I say little, I mean little.
I cut off the top a little, but I think it's taller than it is wide on any side.


Have you ever heard a two year old saying 'come to daddy'?
It is so super hilarious! Probably - you had to be there.

Mine has been pretty funny lately. Last night we went to check on him in bed {big boy bed, that's right!} right before we went to sleep and he was covering his ears and it looked like he was awake, hearing something loud, but he was fast asleep and really clutching. I couldn't stop laughing.

Now everytime we go somewhere, he has it figured out where we are going, who will be there, etc. Usually, it's more like 'we're not going to jenny's (daycare)' or 'we're not going to black store (grocery)'. After he tells me 100 places we're not going, then he says where we've already decided we *are* going. Also, lately he told me he wanted to go to the hobby store. He's so well trained. LOL


I was thinking the other day that we've spent probably more of our summer on the roads in Minnesota than in our own place/at work this year. I'm ready to quit driving all around Minnesota (especially in construction season, seriously!). We had multiple trips to Rochester, twice to the lakes, and a few other events/visits that I can't think of.

I hate to say this, but another thing I'm ready to be done with... weddings. Even with each of them not being my own they cost so much money!! Gifts, clothes to wear {in the case of most of the weddings I've been to, a bridesmaid dress}, gas & travel money {hotel}, etc. In the end, the party {ahem, dance} is usually fun but everything before that stresses me out. As you can probably tell by my un-married status: I am just not a fan of weddings.

While I am complaining/ranting (which I hate to do on my blog, so lets get it over with), I am so so so tired of the song 'if i die young'. it was/is a good song, i appreciate the tune, the words, all of it. but if i hear it again in the next 20 minutes (which is highly likely, even while *not* listening to the radio... why!) i'll be needing a drink. it is just so depressing - sort of like working at a life insurance office... oh, wait....


Our last trip to rochester was last week, and rob's mom bought me a new pair of clearance sandals (yay!) (from target, check it out if you haven't yet!) and yarn (double yay!) on our trip. Everything went well and my new yarn took me all of 24 hours to knit up. The pattern I used had been in my Rav queue since June 2010. So hooray for that!
pre-blocking. not that i'm expecting much to change...