Thursday, September 30, 2010

photo jumble

blaaahh! that's how i feel this week. the positive is that this week is still going better/faster than last week. :)
Beet harvest begins tomorrow. Which basically means single-mommy-mode, and it's hard. Weather permitting (and it looks like it just might) Rob will be working noon to midnight for the next 2 weeks. Plus about an hour drive each way to work. No days off unless it gets too wet.
We'll survive. Maybe go shopping. hehe.

I've got a jumble of pictures to share.
#1. Baby hat with flowers. Yippee. Done. no flowers for the booties, they basically turned out as circles, which seemed pointless to attach. The one I tried is actually the center flower on the hat. Sorry for the iffy pic from my phone. I used a button that matches the bootie buttons for the center of the flower as well. I really like it! PS. I sewed the pillow behind the hat too. Go me!

#2. Bath baby. Awwwww.

#3. I know I've said it before, but I love this time of year!

#4. Me and Dev holding a puppy. This is right when the stomach thing hit him, so he's not all that thrilled with the puppy, but I know if he'd been feeling better he'd have loved it. There were only 2 puppies, 1/2 shi tzu and 1/2 pug. They were seriously adorable, one boy and one girl.

#5. Rob sometimes has ideas for 'crafts' for me to do too. I bought this adorable little robot guy (already painted and all) for Devin on one of our trips to Hobby Lobby awhile back. It was 27cents and kept him occupied while I looked around. I showed it to Rob and he said... make it into a clippy magnet. So I did. All I did was glue a magnet and a clip to him. I think he's pretty cute and probably could use more.

I know you can see glue. For whatever reason, I started to not think when I put him down to dry. Clip side down... drrrrr. Still cute.

So there you go. TGIAF! (urban dictionary word of the day, yes I subscribe)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall weekend.

besides the wind, I have to say I think this last weekend was like the perfect fall weekend and if we could have about 25 of those weekends a year, I'd be a very happy girl. Oh and if they were all like 4 days long, which this one wasn't, so. .   Weekends always go so fast when you have things you want to do. I decided that I want to have a list of weekend projects to do at home that take an hour or a few hours. Such as, this weekend the plan was to go through Devin's dresser because I haven't in a long time and it's time to put shorts away and clothes that don't fit can be passed down/picked through what I want to save. Now I'm rambling, but I didn't get to that project and maybe this weekend LOL!

We were pretty busy though. D had maaajor diaper rash & upset tummy from his flu shot he got last Monday. It started like Thursday and was still going yesterday (monday). Sunday, he woke up basically screaming and didn't stop for almost an hour so we went to the walk-in clinic and he got prescription cream for his rash & the dr. said we were most likely through the worst of the tummy problems. So far, no, we're not. So anyways, Saturday we saw Leighton (we is my mom,dad and sisters, me, and Dev) and I thought I took pictures, but I guess my phone didn't save them? Never happened before, but Ok, my mom took some that I don't have yet. We met at DQ for treats & then played at Leightons old park for about an hour. That time ended with a diaper explosion, as did most things this weekend. Like baths, well, no diaper explosion, more of a butt explosion. aye.

Saturday night, my little sister babysat for us so we could go visit with friends and drinks & their garage. Here's that in photo summary:

Sunday is always football day, and so far this season we've spent every sunday, like almost all day, at Kim (and Justin)'s. Pretty fun ritual, we eat good food and watch two screens of football. Plus they have NFL ticket... which yea, whatever, the boys get pretty excited about it. Of course football was after the Dr. in the morning & me and Dev got mcdonalds breakfast just in time. :) Plus we played bocce ball at kim's and I won :) I hope next weekend is as nice as this one...

Friday, September 24, 2010

folding laundry

Funny what you learn about yourself when you fold laundry:
I'm kinda particular about bath towels being folded properly.
I like pants hung on hangers.
I suck at finishing the job and getting every last thing put away. never happens.
I hate sorting socks more than anything. except baby socks because they're cute.
I have a ton of green shirts!
Here are 9 and these just came through the laundry,
I know there are more in the closet and dresser LOL.
Think it could be my favorite color?
Also, looked into the closet and realized I have about 5 white button-up shirts with pink stripes. ha. 2nd (or former) favorite color.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I want to win!

So, I have been wanting to knit a baby sweater, but it's pretty far down there on my list of things I want to knit, naturally because I feel it's a little over my skill level . But look at this cute little thing... I want it!

I know there's a few people who read my blog who have littles they may want to win it for too, so here's the link to the Knittybutton's giveaway . .
Ps. I'm posting this for an extra entry to the giveaway :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Forgot about WIP wednesday last week.
Here's what we have:
KAL Dishcloth
Razor cami
Baby set.
Dishcloth: is half done. Well over half done, but it's boooring to work on and I don't have a plan for it. I could always use it, but I don't think I will so I might give it away? To whom... I dunno yet. I like the colors of the yarn but not too crazy about the way it looks knitted up. whatever.

Razor cami: Aka Orange, is really coming along now. I'd say it's at about 80%. There are a few mistakes that I want to take a look at and maybe figure out how to fix and if not, oh well I'll wear a jacket over it or something. Or never wear it and oh well to that too, I guess.

Baby set: is done other than embellishment. There's plenty of time to worry about that but I hope to get to it within the next week. I'd like to finish all 3 of these before I start anything else. And I'd also like to finish reading Twilight LOL. I'm on like chapter 4 or 5 of Breaking Dawn. I'm embarrassed that I read so slow LOL.

As far as what I'd like to work on next, hmmm. Maybe some things for winter. I want mittens bad, I love mittens and I'd love to knit my perfect pair. Also, maybe a winter hat with earflaps and ties for D to wear this winter. Plus my little sisters each want something, so those might be Christmas presents if I get to them in time.

That's about all. Happy Humpday :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


well, I've been big time blog slacker lately. I had a long weekend due to daycare being closed friday and me making appointments for devin on monday. We had scheduled dr. appt for 9 and pictures for 11. we ended up cancelling pictures due to a little accident at daycare:
The next day it was a swollen black eye. And now it's pretty much gone other than 2 small scabs and a little yellow bruising left. Anyways, when I'm away from internet so long sometimes I get so caught up on catching up on other blogs and what-not that I forget to write my own posts... oops.

So anyways. The long weekend was spent well. Saturday was my mom's 50th birthday, we got together (once again) with most of the olson side to celebrate and watch college football, our team the UND fighting sioux. Rob worked both saturday and sunday, which sucks but the way we're struggling lately, we need the money! That wedding really wiped us out - another reason I don't want to have a wedding! Anyways, Sunday we went to Kim's again for football and Kim and I got to shop with her mom a little while the boys stayed at the house.

So anyways, I think it was Wednesday when D hurt his face. that night Rob wanted something warm for supper but still had a few hours to go when I picked up D so we brought him some and got a tractor ride :)
Devin got to (pretend) drive:

He's for sure gotten into the 'helper' phase. I love how cute he is trying to do big people stuff, but alot of times he's under my heels driving me up the wall. He now throws his own diapers away.. it's kind of become an obsession and he's ready to throw out anything he finds on the floor. The entertainment I suppose is watching mom get stuff out that doesn't belong in there. He also goes to get his own diapers in his room. Another thing - he's becoming a goofy, playful kid . With ideas of his own. Check out how he put my headband one morning this weekend, I cracked up big time when I saw this:

Here's the little guys after a bath Sunday night:

Matchy matchy.

Now for this week: we've had Devin's 19 months (shoulda been last month as an 18 month) appointment. He got his flu shot and an A+ from the doctor. He's 31.5 inches tall and 26.6 lbs. which is 19th percentile for height and 51st for height. His head is 19.5 inches which is 91st percentile. His stats always crack me up - big head, short body and average weight. And for the pictures we were supposed to have. I think I'm just gonna go without. Sad as it makes me, but I feel like I have enough 'regular' pictures that I can blow up that will do for his 18 months. From the ones my cousin took and I should be getting today or tomorrow and the ones from the wedding (I think I only got 1 I really loved of him, but I have not seen anything from the actual wedding photog.) I think we'll just go around his birthday and call it good. So anyways. Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Uhhh, whooops!

Yea, so I shoulda done this sooner, but I'm going to blog about the wedding we went to this weekend. No better time than a Tuesday afternoon, right? =/

I am actually the only one that 'went to' the wedding, Rob and Devin were in it and let me say Devin was the absolute most adorable ring bearer I have ever seen. So what if I'm biased? I'm not lying.. look for yourself and try to find me a cuter one:

The two days before rained and rained, but the forecast said no rain for Saturday and the forecast was right. It was in Island park here in Fargo (for those who aren't familiar, it's near the dike, which means a low spot, by the river) and the ground was soggy, which is good for getting heels stuck in. And it happened, alot. Not sure how much of the park we actually left behind, I know I have a good part of it (still stuck to my shoes, since I changed them right away afterward). The bride was beautiful. The ceremony was outside and short and to the point. It was a windy day, but nothing too terrible. Just don't set any paper down without something heavy on top, I did that too.. :)

The dance was probably the most fun part of it all, other than the bachelorette party the weekend before LOL. I got to meet alot of the people Rob grew up with or knows from his 20s. And I danced a little too much I think. I have a terrible Charley Horse in my calf. Not good. And it's Tuesday and it's not getting better. I limp. . .

Plus the day after was football-for-12-hours-straight day. AKA Sunday. We went to Kim&Justins with no babies for awhile. Kim's was at his dads and D was with my parents. While football happened, her and I went to clean her old place and get the babies eventually. So, all in all we had a really great weekend.

My love & I
The 3rd bridesmaid was the flower girls mom.
And congrats to the lovely couple!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Geez. the last week has gone really fast.

Ready for the hat?

Here it is:

I wish the monitor allowed you to feel how soft!

And the booties beside, just to prove they match. And you can see the bottom seam of the one.. ick.
So now I'm thinking with the hat... I'm going to knit up a couple of different flowers. And then see which to use for the hat, and it may be crazy and I may change my mind but maybe add some to the booties too... we'll see.. But anyways I like the one I used for the last hat.. but I guess I have nothing better to do with my time than be redundant. :)
Just kidding. I do.

Another thing, I was wrong about my knitalong being done by this wednesday. As you can see I was on a mission to finish the hat, so I'm sorry for that. I think I'm about 1/3 done with it..

That's all. Short and sweet.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what day is it?

Ohhh, that's right, NOT monday :)
Hooray for a 4-day week.
And for the preceding 3-day weekend!
We did alot of relaxing.
Then Saturday we did a bit of partying. See, our friends are getting married this weekend. So more partying will probably commence. All for them. :) This weekend was my first party bus experience. That was the bachelorette party. The (2nd... wtf) Bachelor party was this weekend, Rob attended both. Last weekend was the strip bar and this weekend was the boys getting together out at the lake cabin.
I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding. Strange because I'm not a wedding person at all (well, last years wedding on my birthday was pretty fun, shhh don't tell). This time I'm not in it though - and Rob & Devin are. Plus this one is IN TOWN! I dont' know why but I like the idea of that much better than out of town. Maybe cuz I get to sleep in my bed after a long day, and I happen to like my bed alot (more than normal, lol). All I know is, it should be fun. Plus I don't think Rob and I have ever done a full wedding together, like last summer, he came for the bar and that was it.

Enough about that.
Time for baby stuff. Devin has words now. Cute ones. Like blanket = bankey or bankit. Every morning when I get him up (if rob gets him up he just says mommy over and over LOL) he hands his blanket over the railing and says 'banket.' then he sits up and looks around. then he finds 'bear' and hands him to me 'brrrr'. He knows up, get down, all done, want more, juice (jews LOL), want bite? - which is one of my faves, until he starts forcing the spoon into my nose. I know there's more, but I'm forgetful. He loves being a big helper, like anytime I do laundry, he follows me back & forth to the laundry room. He's all the more proud if he gets to carry the detergent. Or if something drops out of the basket and he picks it up.

This weekends good news: I finally got my house all scrubbed down and laundry all caught up. Over $20 worth of quarters for laundry. aye aye aye - I feel better now though.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

story time.

So, when Rob and started 'dating' we were friends for awhile first. We hung out at his place alot and mostly in the evening, because we met in summer and he worked later hours (just like now) and I closed at work pretty much every night. We watched the 9 or 10 (I can't remember) o'clock news together alot. There was one reporter named Sarah McCurdy. We all snickered at her last name the first time, and from then on, it was my new first name. It is a nickname that has stuck since we met - Rob calls me 'Curdy' for short, pretty much everytime he addresses me.

You may or may not have noticed that my blog url is curdy4rent. that's why. The 4rent part is random, but that's why I'm curdy. Also, my email mamacurdy[at]gmail[dot]com. Sometimes it's 'my my curdy' and sometimes 'mama curdy'.

So, when I was getting my coupons from this sunday's paper {2 copies - for FREE} I looked at the celebrations page because I always do. I'm curious like that, and plus everyone my age is getting married, last weekend our friends were in there... you just have to watch! Guess who was in there this week - ?

I'm going to tell you...
I totally cut it out and gave it to Rob :)
Oh and PS. I totally don't know these people, but Congrats to them.
And by the way, I never said it was a good or interesting story.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Are you ready for it?
I think this is by far my favorite finished knit:
I followed the pattern perfectly (a true challenge for me) and no ripping back and no tears and, and, and it just went smoothly and turned out very cute. My only problem is the seam at the bottom, I suck at seams. In order to get them to stand up for pictures I stuffed them with peanut butter cups {minis}. I think I might present them that way when I give them to her too, for a little mommy treat.
Sweet Baby Janes
I'm sure I've mentioned here that my friend Kim is expecting around Christmas time. A baby girl. She has a boy already, so baby Dylan will need some pink things. I'm also working on a hat, which is about halfway done and will probably {hopefully} turn out like {except better} my very first finished knit that I made for another friends' baby back in March{it's even the same yarn}:

Here's the progress on that:

So there's that. Then remember, I confessed to being a message board junkie. Well, the knitting board I belong to is having a Knit-Along of a pot holder. I got a fancy cotton yarn at the yarn shop {rather than Hobby Lobby, I'm advancing!} and we have only done day one. I'm sure it'll be finished by next Wednesday so you can see what I'm talking about.

And good ole' orange is kinda... sitting. If I could just get some time to work on her, she'd be done in no time.... She's big by now. And I can only knit after Devin's gone to bed, otherwise it's just like having a cat around... There's less of a difference between his bedtime and mine these days though. I don't think I can ever go to bed early enough anymore... sigh. getting old. :)

There you have it. Happy Hump Day. And oh yea, it's September now, huh? Can't believe that!
I'm going to get my tire fixed today during my lunch break, cuz I got a stupid flat last night.
I'd rather be knitting, or reading, or cleaning my house, or eating, or sorting coupons, or, or, or...