Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fall weekend.

besides the wind, I have to say I think this last weekend was like the perfect fall weekend and if we could have about 25 of those weekends a year, I'd be a very happy girl. Oh and if they were all like 4 days long, which this one wasn't, so. .   Weekends always go so fast when you have things you want to do. I decided that I want to have a list of weekend projects to do at home that take an hour or a few hours. Such as, this weekend the plan was to go through Devin's dresser because I haven't in a long time and it's time to put shorts away and clothes that don't fit can be passed down/picked through what I want to save. Now I'm rambling, but I didn't get to that project and maybe this weekend LOL!

We were pretty busy though. D had maaajor diaper rash & upset tummy from his flu shot he got last Monday. It started like Thursday and was still going yesterday (monday). Sunday, he woke up basically screaming and didn't stop for almost an hour so we went to the walk-in clinic and he got prescription cream for his rash & the dr. said we were most likely through the worst of the tummy problems. So far, no, we're not. So anyways, Saturday we saw Leighton (we is my mom,dad and sisters, me, and Dev) and I thought I took pictures, but I guess my phone didn't save them? Never happened before, but Ok, my mom took some that I don't have yet. We met at DQ for treats & then played at Leightons old park for about an hour. That time ended with a diaper explosion, as did most things this weekend. Like baths, well, no diaper explosion, more of a butt explosion. aye.

Saturday night, my little sister babysat for us so we could go visit with friends and drinks & their garage. Here's that in photo summary:

Sunday is always football day, and so far this season we've spent every sunday, like almost all day, at Kim (and Justin)'s. Pretty fun ritual, we eat good food and watch two screens of football. Plus they have NFL ticket... which yea, whatever, the boys get pretty excited about it. Of course football was after the Dr. in the morning & me and Dev got mcdonalds breakfast just in time. :) Plus we played bocce ball at kim's and I won :) I hope next weekend is as nice as this one...

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