Thursday, September 2, 2010

story time.

So, when Rob and started 'dating' we were friends for awhile first. We hung out at his place alot and mostly in the evening, because we met in summer and he worked later hours (just like now) and I closed at work pretty much every night. We watched the 9 or 10 (I can't remember) o'clock news together alot. There was one reporter named Sarah McCurdy. We all snickered at her last name the first time, and from then on, it was my new first name. It is a nickname that has stuck since we met - Rob calls me 'Curdy' for short, pretty much everytime he addresses me.

You may or may not have noticed that my blog url is curdy4rent. that's why. The 4rent part is random, but that's why I'm curdy. Also, my email mamacurdy[at]gmail[dot]com. Sometimes it's 'my my curdy' and sometimes 'mama curdy'.

So, when I was getting my coupons from this sunday's paper {2 copies - for FREE} I looked at the celebrations page because I always do. I'm curious like that, and plus everyone my age is getting married, last weekend our friends were in there... you just have to watch! Guess who was in there this week - ?

I'm going to tell you...
I totally cut it out and gave it to Rob :)
Oh and PS. I totally don't know these people, but Congrats to them.
And by the way, I never said it was a good or interesting story.


what do you think?