Thursday, September 30, 2010

photo jumble

blaaahh! that's how i feel this week. the positive is that this week is still going better/faster than last week. :)
Beet harvest begins tomorrow. Which basically means single-mommy-mode, and it's hard. Weather permitting (and it looks like it just might) Rob will be working noon to midnight for the next 2 weeks. Plus about an hour drive each way to work. No days off unless it gets too wet.
We'll survive. Maybe go shopping. hehe.

I've got a jumble of pictures to share.
#1. Baby hat with flowers. Yippee. Done. no flowers for the booties, they basically turned out as circles, which seemed pointless to attach. The one I tried is actually the center flower on the hat. Sorry for the iffy pic from my phone. I used a button that matches the bootie buttons for the center of the flower as well. I really like it! PS. I sewed the pillow behind the hat too. Go me!

#2. Bath baby. Awwwww.

#3. I know I've said it before, but I love this time of year!

#4. Me and Dev holding a puppy. This is right when the stomach thing hit him, so he's not all that thrilled with the puppy, but I know if he'd been feeling better he'd have loved it. There were only 2 puppies, 1/2 shi tzu and 1/2 pug. They were seriously adorable, one boy and one girl.

#5. Rob sometimes has ideas for 'crafts' for me to do too. I bought this adorable little robot guy (already painted and all) for Devin on one of our trips to Hobby Lobby awhile back. It was 27cents and kept him occupied while I looked around. I showed it to Rob and he said... make it into a clippy magnet. So I did. All I did was glue a magnet and a clip to him. I think he's pretty cute and probably could use more.

I know you can see glue. For whatever reason, I started to not think when I put him down to dry. Clip side down... drrrrr. Still cute.

So there you go. TGIAF! (urban dictionary word of the day, yes I subscribe)

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  1. What does Rob do? Im curious as to what a beet harvester looks like, lol. If I get time later, I may have to google that! I get you on the single mom thing this time of year!


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