Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Uhhh, whooops!

Yea, so I shoulda done this sooner, but I'm going to blog about the wedding we went to this weekend. No better time than a Tuesday afternoon, right? =/

I am actually the only one that 'went to' the wedding, Rob and Devin were in it and let me say Devin was the absolute most adorable ring bearer I have ever seen. So what if I'm biased? I'm not lying.. look for yourself and try to find me a cuter one:

The two days before rained and rained, but the forecast said no rain for Saturday and the forecast was right. It was in Island park here in Fargo (for those who aren't familiar, it's near the dike, which means a low spot, by the river) and the ground was soggy, which is good for getting heels stuck in. And it happened, alot. Not sure how much of the park we actually left behind, I know I have a good part of it (still stuck to my shoes, since I changed them right away afterward). The bride was beautiful. The ceremony was outside and short and to the point. It was a windy day, but nothing too terrible. Just don't set any paper down without something heavy on top, I did that too.. :)

The dance was probably the most fun part of it all, other than the bachelorette party the weekend before LOL. I got to meet alot of the people Rob grew up with or knows from his 20s. And I danced a little too much I think. I have a terrible Charley Horse in my calf. Not good. And it's Tuesday and it's not getting better. I limp. . .

Plus the day after was football-for-12-hours-straight day. AKA Sunday. We went to Kim&Justins with no babies for awhile. Kim's was at his dads and D was with my parents. While football happened, her and I went to clean her old place and get the babies eventually. So, all in all we had a really great weekend.

My love & I
The 3rd bridesmaid was the flower girls mom.
And congrats to the lovely couple!

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  1. He's so cuuuuuute!

    Prairie Yarns--awesome! Thanks for the recommendation.


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