Tuesday, August 14, 2012


i love when my birthday week turns out to be lucky. although we really didn't do much for my actual birthday (sundaes at DQ) the rest of the week turned out awesome.

random happies from the last week:
the day after my birthday i traded off my biggest headache - my jimmy. and now i drive a civic back & forth to work twice a day. go fuel economy! seriously... double. even though it is just as old as my jimmy and also is not perfect, i am very happy with it. especially that we were able to just trade & not pay or have to make payments.

i renewed my glamour shot aka drivers license and i hate the picture. but the task is done anyways. and i didn't have to wait very long once i got there.

i got birthday money and went online to buy clothes. i got alot of tops, but no pants. well the pants i did order ended up being sold out. i really need new pants more than tops. everything i got was on mega sale, plus a coupon code for $40 off $100.

last night our little family went to the movie at the park along with my sister & her friend. I had forgot 2 bag chairs at my parents' house so my sister brought those (a kid one and an adult one) and i ended up forgetting our other chair so when we got there we realized we were down a chair.. anyways, they had a scratch ticket thing to win a bag chair so I ended up winning a new chair. talk about luck because I really didn't want to sit on the grass while everyone else had a chair.

and t minus 2 days until my very first week-long vacation since graduating college and working at this 'real job' for the last 4 years. i.am.excited!

Friday, August 10, 2012

white noise

birthday flowers
from my sweet parents
(off-)white raglan
for my sweet boy
also.. i don't know if it's from the cotton yarn or what, but my index finger is cracked right where I touch the point my knitting needles:
I guess it's hard to take a picture of.... meh.

So I got the good stuff out and it is slowly closing back up. hopefully that's the end of that!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A whole sweater

My pekoe sweater is finished & ready for wear!
Can you believe it?!
I love it!
(even the ultra-clearance color grew on me, original plan was to attempt to dye it gray.)

Next up..... a simple raglan pullover for my little guy. He asked over and over while I was knitting this if I would make him one too. Wellllll, since he asked so nicely .... :)

Also... I'm 26 now... ayyye!