Monday, January 31, 2011

the trip:

:we started the trip with going all the way around Fargo, to cross the river into minnesota & get on the highway that brings us to rob's mom's house and they are moving a house on the road in front of us. if we'd have known we would've crossed the river after we got south by her house. Had to go around & out of the way again for about 2 miles to pass the house. Plus we were almost out of gas already.

We got to grandma's house & loaded into their stinky car*. We drove about an hour & stopped for lunch so little man could stretch & eat (and hopefully nap afterward). The driving went well for Devin, who we were most worried about and it really didn't seem too far until the way back.

After we had supper, we got to swim at the hotel. Funny, right when we got to the hotel and were getting in the elevator, Devin spotted the pool and ran off saying 'swimming!' LOL, I knew he liked swimming, but I didn't think he was that impressed. He even dared try out the hot tub, on the top step only, ha!

We went to the Mayo clinic the next morning for grandma's labs in the morning & dr. appt. right after lunch time. Since we had to park in the parking ramp & pay parking when we leave, we stayed there all day - which the place is pretty much designed for, it's like the mega-mall big with lots of open hallways & benches & even just plain sitting rooms. well, not plain actually, they're all really fancy. Sort of a little bit like an airport.

When grandma was in her appointment Devin & I sat in a hallway with big open windows (rob slept in the car)** & people watched - Devin napped.

He was a really good boy at the clinic too. He had lots of space to run & he wanted to pretty bad, he also wore himself out pretty good! Every elevator ride was 'c[r]aaazy' LOL. And every old person at the hotel was gaga over how cute & well behaved Devin was being.

We left the parking ramp at Mayo at 4:00PM on thursday and headed for home. So, an hour from Rochester is Minneapolis/St.Paul - 5:00 :) That was fun. Rob was the driver for the entire trip because he likes that. Driving (among several other things related to cars) is his thing, the thing he's really good at. But remember he hadn't slept the night before. He was reallly crabby. And his mom was really question-y. Like a bunch of questions - at least one per minute. Made the situation really tense with the traffic & the trivia. And the baby slept through rush hour in the cities (which makes fargo's rush hour look really sad). If only grandma would've slept though the rush hour too.. haha.

A few hours after rush hour, which literally was at least an hour - like I said, we stopped at space aliens for supper- fun times. Devin got to play wack-a-mole! And ride a rocket. He loved it!

Then he passed out for almost the rest of the ride home & we pulled into the parking lot of our apartment at 11.30pm. and I worked the next day {friday} with very sore eyeballs! It was a mostly good trip, I'd say successful even, since we all 4 made it back in one piece and no emergencies!

*stinky car - they both (rob's mom & her husband) smoked lots & lots of cheap cigarettes over the years in there. plus I was sitting in old man's chair and well... he sweats when he eats, just put it that way. ewww. in retrospect & in the future, we will drive our own car.

**because he couldn't sleep at the hotel. he was seriously awake all night long & everytime he repositioned in bed, it was loud like crinkling paper & everyone else woke up too - we all slept awful because he was awake all.night. My guess: he was wired from driving 6 hours...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


we're leaving town tomorrow.
(no i haven't packed yet)
I don't think I could be more excited about having a weekend in the middle of my week.
Wish we were doing something exciting.
or going somewhere warm.
but it's been a boring week at work nonetheless.
plus other daily stress.
Rob's mom is going to Rochester for a checkup/test appointment.
I just googled, it's over 5 hours in the car.
I hope i don't forget sudafed.

Devin's driving us there on his new ride:

no WIP Wednesday tomorrow  :(

Sunday, January 23, 2011

photo archives

Oh wow.
photo archives..
amazing how they can make you feel all emotional.

Changes in the last year: no more pacifiers, he can walk (run even!), no more bottles, less baby faced ;'( , lots of words (and whining).

Still likes to help with the dishwasher though.

Friday, January 21, 2011

photo essay of yesterday.

#1. 7.48AM - on my way to work - the morning moon
#2. 6.45 PM - picking up leah at her apartment
#3. 7.34PM - home from bringing leah to the shop
#4. 8.03PM - mommy reheating some supper & d wants some too (and then more - more ended up like this and I should've known it would 8.29PM) no spaghetti meal is complete without putting the bowl on your head.
#5. 8.35PM - bathtime. I might add that I have spaghetti grabby marks on the shoulders of the sweatshirt I was wearing last night.
#6. 9.00PM - new jammies & being silly

in between #1 and #2 was work. & getting home; also after work, leah (a friend of ours) texted to ask if I could give her a ride to go get her car from the shop. It was butt-freakin cold outside, but I did it anyways. (karma...)

Happy weekend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

baby daddy.

remember I said rob's mom passed on a few boxes of 'stuff' to us?
there were some really cute things in there..
like this...

Guess who?
when we asked little man who it was..
he said 'Dat Debbin!'
(because that's how he pronounces his own name)
Guess again baby, dat daddy

Also, in one of the boxes: a handmade step stool for little boys who want to be big, with handpainted smurfs on it and the year 1985 painted onto a christmas ornament in one of the smurfs hand & 'Robert' carved into the surface all fancy. Plus a tin John Deere coin bank that looks like a mailbox and stickers that spell out Robert on it. Love it.
Gems, I tell you....

And this sweet onyx owl wind-chime:
which I kind of have an itch to paint, since I can't paint the walls & it needs to stand out better.
(almost white on actual white = somewhat boring)
plus if I did that, i'd rework the strings & take off the broken owl.
took me like 45 minutes to untangle the strings in the first place.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

so here's the headband, but no picture of it being modeled, sorry.  I used this as a pattern.
trust me, it's warm.

socks. probably going to frog & start over. I think I added some stitches... and blahhh.

scarf. yes. that's about all I can say about that. it's going.
here's a fuzzy shot of the front vs. the back.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

so awesome

I'm really growing to love my mother-in-law.
she can give me gems like this anyday.
And there was more too!
 My house is pretty now & I have a few more projects from the boxes of stuff she gave us last time we got together.
And. wow. 49 cents?! you literally cannot buy anything for that price anymore.
I checked the publication date... 1972.
so awesome.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My lovely assistant

Here is an example of the kind of help i get at home. The cute but not-so-helpful type. I tried putting one of the shelving units we got for Christmas together in d's room and he climbs through it ... like a little monkey.

2 days later i have no idea when i will actually finish building this thing ha.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

is it really already wednesday again.
time is going faster than I like again.
How does that happen?

anyways, i did accomplish something knitting this week - I made a headband for my ears because it's cold here and I don't have any accessories for keeping my ears warm. I never wear hats. ever. they look silly on me (as i showed a few weeks ago - maybe last week?). plus i'm always always always wearing a ponytail or some variation of one. hats don't do well with that either. but headbands do. especially when they button at the back. no i don't have pictures and no the button is not on yet. :) it's made of the same yarn as the last hat I made. blue/blended colors. it's done. i'm just bad at finishing - as I might have mentioned before.

also, i started a new scarf for my motherinlaw. we went to the store & picked out yarn together so it would match her coat, which looks similar to that, but also has white on it. It is the coastal color.
so anyways. i had free reign on design so, I found a stitch I liked (and never knew about) - rice stitch - and just went to town. I wish I'd have taken a picture of the back because, personally, i think the pattern on the back is equally pretty.
it's going to be mainly white (cream that matches her gloves lol) with the teal at the ends. no stripes, just blocks. not even halfway done yet. I told rob that I wish I had picked something just a little more interesting to stitch, but I think it'll be a pretty scarf regardless. It is much more 'mindless' than the socks, which haven't been touched all week. :) My mind needed to relax.

Happy wednesday! Friday is only two days away.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New song

I'm shamelessly admitting that I love this song!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I wish today was better, but having only a half hour left of work is helping make it better for sure.
A few weeks ago - I shut off my alarm for Friday since I had two fridays in a row off (Christmas Eve & NYE). And the dork that I am, forgot to turn it back on. So - I texted my boss at 7:50 to tell her I just woke up & I'll be late.

Then I get here and some entries and deposits are all mixed up on our accounting software (quickbooks) and it seems as though the gremlins had their hand in 'helping' sooooo six hours (and several phone calls) later... problem solved. *yawn*


This weekend we get to go to a birthday party! For a 3 year old. Those are probably the most fun kind, idk for sure though because it's been a long time since I've been to a 3yo b-day party.

That's ^ the b-day boy. :) Dev & him are 13 months apart and pretty good pals. This is what they did to me earlier this week while his mommy went to see the new baby in the NICU. Colored my legs with markers. Very nice and Rob now thinks I have the sexiest legs on the planet (and I know you do too). And the baby came home last night!! I was supposed to go watch him again last night so they could go see her, but she's home now, just in time for her big brother's birthday!

and here's a photo for my readers who are jealous of our snow (you are nuts). from our livingroom window -photo of our vehicle.

sorry this post is sorta scatterbrained - that's how my day has been :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My kid...

..loves to play with his balls.
Thanks to his auntie Chrissy.

His bedroom is filled with a tent with no more and no less than 50 balls in it.

there's basically no room for anything else in there, but that's ok. He likes to play with his balls.

He also got a stuffed Christmas Winnie the Pooh & Tigger. He makes the mistake (which I'm sure is common) of calling him 'Poop' : and evidently he has ripped 'poop's' hat off and is wearing it himself.

Thanks to Rob for texting me pictures at work. :)

And I am so, so proud right now.

Other things I am:
ready to go home
getting off work at 1.15 today
going to spend the afternoon with my boys.
a little tired.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Whoohoo, it's already the middle of the week! The first week of the year. I'm still weirded out by that.

Lets see, this week not a whole lot of knitting has happened, but definitely not none.

The socks. Oh the socks. Going swell & going slowly. The yarn is so tiny & so are the needles. This project is going to take some patience for sure. Also, the part I'm on right now is all lace and it looks like nothing for now but I hear it looks better when it's done. I'm just crossing my fingers that it will.
And here's the other thing, it's super hard to get a photo of tiny lace knitting but I'll show you anyway.

See? hard to see. The 2nd photo shows just how tiny it all is (or maybe that I have giant man hands...). I'm not used to tiny.
Maybe I forgot to mention this is the sock kit I won?
Otherwise, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to attempt socks just yet. If it weren't free, I mean. LOL
I like free.
And, I can only work on this in peace & quiet. It takes alot of concentration to knit lace. yikes.

Ok & the hat I made from my Christmas yarn from my brother:
my makeup is smeared. ignore that.

It's fake-out cables. but the yarn is textured so they're hard to see. It doesn't look so great on me, and Rob wants it now. Ok by me. At least it will be used.

And I also did a few tiny side projects, coaster/mug rug thingies. they turned out cute. here's my fav (which needs ends woven in - anybody noticing a trend with my knitting?)
 It's pretty bunchy so I probably need to work on tension with changing colors. Meh, it was my first attempt at anything other than plain stripes. I really like the design though - i made it up. :)

Happy Humpday!

Monday, January 3, 2011

{TUSAL} & a totally useless picture

I believe this is how this goes. New moon and I post a picture of my {empty for now} totally useless stitch along container.
I present you with...
...a picture of a vase that i've already presented you with.

I already have a project (my hat) completed on which the ends need to be woven in (boooo) and will soon be in my vase! 

As promised, a useless picture:

Hello Kitty Macaroons. Aren't they cute?!
what is a macaroon anyway?
I love hello kitty!