Thursday, January 20, 2011

baby daddy.

remember I said rob's mom passed on a few boxes of 'stuff' to us?
there were some really cute things in there..
like this...

Guess who?
when we asked little man who it was..
he said 'Dat Debbin!'
(because that's how he pronounces his own name)
Guess again baby, dat daddy

Also, in one of the boxes: a handmade step stool for little boys who want to be big, with handpainted smurfs on it and the year 1985 painted onto a christmas ornament in one of the smurfs hand & 'Robert' carved into the surface all fancy. Plus a tin John Deere coin bank that looks like a mailbox and stickers that spell out Robert on it. Love it.
Gems, I tell you....

And this sweet onyx owl wind-chime:
which I kind of have an itch to paint, since I can't paint the walls & it needs to stand out better.
(almost white on actual white = somewhat boring)
plus if I did that, i'd rework the strings & take off the broken owl.
took me like 45 minutes to untangle the strings in the first place.

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  1. If you really like the chime, 'google' it or ebay it and you may be able to find a replacement owl.


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