Friday, January 7, 2011


I wish today was better, but having only a half hour left of work is helping make it better for sure.
A few weeks ago - I shut off my alarm for Friday since I had two fridays in a row off (Christmas Eve & NYE). And the dork that I am, forgot to turn it back on. So - I texted my boss at 7:50 to tell her I just woke up & I'll be late.

Then I get here and some entries and deposits are all mixed up on our accounting software (quickbooks) and it seems as though the gremlins had their hand in 'helping' sooooo six hours (and several phone calls) later... problem solved. *yawn*


This weekend we get to go to a birthday party! For a 3 year old. Those are probably the most fun kind, idk for sure though because it's been a long time since I've been to a 3yo b-day party.

That's ^ the b-day boy. :) Dev & him are 13 months apart and pretty good pals. This is what they did to me earlier this week while his mommy went to see the new baby in the NICU. Colored my legs with markers. Very nice and Rob now thinks I have the sexiest legs on the planet (and I know you do too). And the baby came home last night!! I was supposed to go watch him again last night so they could go see her, but she's home now, just in time for her big brother's birthday!

and here's a photo for my readers who are jealous of our snow (you are nuts). from our livingroom window -photo of our vehicle.

sorry this post is sorta scatterbrained - that's how my day has been :)

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