Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday

is it really already wednesday again.
time is going faster than I like again.
How does that happen?

anyways, i did accomplish something knitting this week - I made a headband for my ears because it's cold here and I don't have any accessories for keeping my ears warm. I never wear hats. ever. they look silly on me (as i showed a few weeks ago - maybe last week?). plus i'm always always always wearing a ponytail or some variation of one. hats don't do well with that either. but headbands do. especially when they button at the back. no i don't have pictures and no the button is not on yet. :) it's made of the same yarn as the last hat I made. blue/blended colors. it's done. i'm just bad at finishing - as I might have mentioned before.

also, i started a new scarf for my motherinlaw. we went to the store & picked out yarn together so it would match her coat, which looks similar to that, but also has white on it. It is the coastal color.
so anyways. i had free reign on design so, I found a stitch I liked (and never knew about) - rice stitch - and just went to town. I wish I'd have taken a picture of the back because, personally, i think the pattern on the back is equally pretty.
it's going to be mainly white (cream that matches her gloves lol) with the teal at the ends. no stripes, just blocks. not even halfway done yet. I told rob that I wish I had picked something just a little more interesting to stitch, but I think it'll be a pretty scarf regardless. It is much more 'mindless' than the socks, which haven't been touched all week. :) My mind needed to relax.

Happy wednesday! Friday is only two days away.


  1. Isn't it great when patterns look good on both sides? I love that for scarves. That rice stitch is pretty!

  2. Very pretty! There was a hat I tried to crochet that started with a pony tail holder so you could tie the pony tail through and then bring the rest down to keep your head warm. Unfortunately I was just learning so it became way too big. There might be something similar you could knit though.


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