Monday, January 12, 2015

knit talk.

ah, so yea. remember how I like knitting?? maybe?
I do. But I'm sure you can imagine (or know from experience) that adjusting to the responsibilities of two littles really does a number on your hobby time. heh. and your sleep time. *yawn* (another post for another day)

annnyways! I did finally create something!!

(colors are kinda funny since I took this pic after 5pm)

ah, here we go.. a WIP photo in daylight.
A very rainbow-y and stripey cardigan. Still needs buttons, so I'll do my best to attach them and show the front here soon. before she outgrows it (hopefully). I would have liked it a tiny bit longer, but I knit every last inch of the rainbow yarn and it is juuuuust right - right now. I used KnitPicks (my fav.) Chroma yarn in the Mixtape Colorway (i believe) and used this pattern, with one modification - half the increases after splitting the sleeves off. I was really worried about running out of yarn, and thank goodness I did, the sweater might have been a few rows shorter yet!

So this weekend when I was trying to put off chores, I was scrounging my brain for what project I'd like to complete next... with whatever yarn I have at home so I wouldn't have to shop before starting... and I came up with nothing. Even though my Rav queue is umm... 4 pages long. huh. and then I started reading blogs this morning... and the KnitPicks Fair Isle Collection totally caught my eye. I want all of it. Buuuut I've never done fair isle.... so I guess no better time than the present to learn, right?? I'm probably not going to be doing a pattern from this collection, but I hope to have some colorwork to show soon :)

So i guess that may be my one and only resolution... knitting fair isle...
do you have any interesting new years resolutions??

Happy Monday!! (seems silly to say, but the sun is shining and I got in a bonus cup of coffee in today so it shall be! )

((((this post is *not* sponsored by knit picks..i just really enjoy their products for real))))