Friday, November 21, 2014

two kids, one pic

i find it sooo funny how many tries it takes to get one picture of two kids looking/ not blurry/ not making a dumbo face!!
 here we go:

 AND SIX::: ok, that one will work.

these pics are obviously from my phone which is still:

so shitty pics, but still proves my point LOL. HAPPY WEEKEND!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


well, it's only been about 2 days  weeks since halloween, so i'm not that late, right?
 This is literally the only non-blurry pic i got of these two squirmers. Devin had fun Trick or treating with grandpa, while I supervised (drove the car) and Aubree loved snuggling with Grandma while we were out.

it was so nice that Halloween was on a friday night this year because we never really know where to trick or treat since we live in an apartment and have lots of (security) apartments around us, so we got to go to my parent's town and had fun going to all the houses!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 mommy water giveaway

Just wanted to share for anyone who may be interested, is giving away a 3 month supply of mommy water, which seems really cool - prenatal vitamins that (presumably) aren't nasty, that you add to your water like a crystal light! so smart! I want to win some!
click here to enter the giveaway!
Looks like the giveaway ends on Friday, so hurry!
Also, if you're not familiar with - it is a daily deal site. I signed up for the daily email when it was just but now they have expanded to 4 deals per day - baby, kids, she, and scrapbook and have some pretty neat deals! I honestly have only ever bought one deal in the last 2 years but that is because I am extremely cheap, lol but they have lots of designer things for half off and such.