Wednesday, November 12, 2014 mommy water giveaway

Just wanted to share for anyone who may be interested, is giving away a 3 month supply of mommy water, which seems really cool - prenatal vitamins that (presumably) aren't nasty, that you add to your water like a crystal light! so smart! I want to win some!
click here to enter the giveaway!
Looks like the giveaway ends on Friday, so hurry!
Also, if you're not familiar with - it is a daily deal site. I signed up for the daily email when it was just but now they have expanded to 4 deals per day - baby, kids, she, and scrapbook and have some pretty neat deals! I honestly have only ever bought one deal in the last 2 years but that is because I am extremely cheap, lol but they have lots of designer things for half off and such.

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