Thursday, October 30, 2014

busy times.

I hate when i go so long without posts.
Life has slowed down a lot and we don't get much done most days, other than the basics.
I have only recently gotten my knitting needles back out for serious in the last couple weeks, since about this time last year when we found out i was pregnant i basically lost interest or didn't have the energy, it was a combination.
the results and proof of that:
 purl bee pattern here.

We are kinda, sort of sleeping through the night now at 4 months old, and that makes most everything a little easier - not getting up for work in the dark, but the rest is less tiring with some decent rest.

Miss A was also baptized this month and wore a special gown & (slightly too large, but still freaking adorable) bonnet made by mom:

annnd besides that, life these days is mostly me driving across the city, going to work and picking up and dropping kids off at various places (school, daycare, my sister's house... not just random places but i should point out that the only two that are even a little close together are work & daycare,)  also i don't like driving!!

anyways, now that I have two kids i'm learning to "let stuff go" and that life isn't a race - so if my house is messy all week i am no worse off than if it is clean all week and i won't win an award for that anyway so I'll get to it when i get to it (aka. on the weekend - maybe... probably)

sooo anyways, happy halloween weekend coming up! maybe i'll come back & share our (the kids, not me) costume pics next week :)