Monday, August 30, 2010


I suck at updating.
I finished my little project. I'll try to post it for WIP Wednesday since I don't have pictures yet {cuz again, I suck}.
I'm doing a matching piece for it right now.
Here's the yarn, I just love it:

The highlight of my day today is that my mom sent me a gift card for Lane Bryant over the weekend. Lane Bryant has the BEST bras for anyone who doesn't know. They are waay out of my budget though so I've been wearing my last one for at least 6 months and it's not the color {or shape, I'm guessing} it was when I bought it. Plus it's missing a wire on one side... etc. You get the idea. My tiny boobs {HAHAHA I'm so funny}are not easy on bras, as you can guess. So anyways. Lane Bryant has a sale going on. YIPEEE! It's like another birthday! Funny, cuz the gift card was an extension of my b-day present from my mom. Anyways, 40% off everything in the store. Can you believe it? I almost couldn't either, until I got there. I got two new bras AND a shirt! I love my mom for telling me this sale ends tonight JUST as I'm getting my gift card.

Oh yea, and after hearing that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, I thought I'd get fitted for the first time ever. I was wearing the right size. GO ME!

Other highlight of the day: Payday. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday photos.

Because I really don't have anything to talk about. :)
This one's from Leighton's mom with a text message that says Leighton dressed himself and said he's ready to play football.
Go Vikings!
And this was Devin last week. We sat in front of our apartment and filled his dumptruck with rocks. Hey, it kept him busy and quiet for quite some time. And yes, people gave us funny looks. What-ever. We don't have a yard and we put everything back where it belongs. LOL.
Hard work.
I'm at work alone today. It's kind of awesome except that I don't have alot to do. I'm planning on finishing up that knit project while I'm here after 'lunch,' if I take one. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Um. I frogged everything but the Orange project last week. That means I ripped it all up.
I also started a gift. And here's proof.

Ugh. Dammit. That is not how I left it.
I re-started after that and that gift is 50% complete.
I'll blog-reveal it when it's 100% which shouldn't take long. :)


We had a 4-day adventure this last weekend. Me and Devin (and not rob) went to the lake with my parents Friday through Monday. It was probably the most beautiful weekend of the year and I got there the day after it rained. :)

Devin had fun camping. He's into everyting nowadays, but his 2 aunties & grandma & grandpa were a big help in keeping him out of the icky stuff {like poison ivy, eating dirt or bugs, and too much mud}. He learned that 'fishies' are in the water and 'birrrrds' are in the sky. Except when he saw a chipmunk, that was also a 'birrrrrd'. LOL

He didn't get nearly enough sleep the whole weekend. Poor kid. He's clumsy as is. Without enough sleep he practically falls apart. He fell backwards off the picnic bench and then about an hour later when I changed his diaper {biper} for bed, I set him down and grabbed the dirty to go out and before I'd even stood up he fell out of the camper! {{Panic}} Yea, not good. He's OK though - nobody worry.

The day we left, I checked facebook in the morning and saw that one of my high school classmates passed away over the weekend. :( Here's a link to the story. Verrry tragic!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

action shorts

Here's a picture of my home-made {without a pattern} baby shorts in action:
Aren't you glad to know they fit and stay up and cover all the parts shorts should cover? I think we'll keep them, but I don't think they are wear-in-public material. We will, however, be bringing them to the lake with us this weekend and use them for sleep thereafter.

Ps. We're going to the lake this weekend. Me and D (and not Rob) are going camping with my parents Friday through Monday. I can't wait. Wait, yes I can because I have to to laundry before Friday morning.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Rob shows me love by cleaning my car. And fixing it. And putting gas in it. And changing oil and cleaning the windshield. That's his way. If those things weren't being done, I'd wonder. {side story: I actually got asked last week if I'd gotten new rims on my car. hahah, nope, my man just shined 'em up that good!}

So, Sunday we went to the mall to pick out something very important.

In about 6 months {when we get taxes and can afford it} I'll be wearing one of these (the one on the top). It's still weird to think about, but I suppose we have been together long enough now. I'm not big on jewelry, and most definitely am not concerned with cost or sparkle, but these rings suit me just perfectly and Rob has a card from the store with the numbers in his wallet. :)
Another thing, I am so ready to be done looking like a single mom everytime I am in public with my baby! Yippee! Also, the thought of planning our wedding is still waaayyy out there for me. I'd rather be perpetually engaged. . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

lazy weekend.

I love lazy weekends but for some reason I was antsy while at the same time wanting to stay home.
I sewed.

I made the shorts and put a design from one of Rob's old shirts onto a $3 shirt from wal-mart.

Made another shirt the same way. Only better.

No the words on the bottom are not upside-down, it's on the back, and I folded it to show for the picture. I like this one on him.

And since I was already taking pictures, here's a size 2 baby tux!

So, the shirts were Rob's design/idea. I had the idea to make some one-of-a-kind stuff for D. And I told Rob that if he had shirts or other clothes he didn't wear that he should give them to me so I can use the fabric to make other stuff. He found one shirt he didn't like the collar on. A few days later he texted me "I have an awesome idea for a shirt for bubba" Which of course, was the Harley Davidson one. Because he's obsessed. He didn't like that shirt's collar either. We're such a good team, lol!

On a completely different note, I think my son is going to need therapy as an adult.

A stick-on mustache from a vending machine.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

there's a fire!

Sooo last night was a good night. Devin went down for bed without a fuss. Sometimes when he sees me getting his blanket ready, he runs the other way. Nights when he's tired & he knows he's tired, he embraces it. Last night was the 2nd kind. He went down early too. Then at about 1.30 (I was sooo afraid it was going to be like 5.30 until I checked the clock) he started crying and getting louder and madder (watch out, I think I'm making words up). We both just sat up like WTF!? He's waaaaaaayyyyy past middle-of-the-night wakings. So, I get up and head down the hall when I see strobe light coming from his bedroom. Then I'm all freaked out and made Rob come with. Turns out it was a firetruck. A toy. Son of a..!! It was honking and singing and talking and flashing lights. No wonder the poor kid was crying. He's very familiar with the toy, but he sleeps in a crib (duh) so he had absolutely no way of stopping it (though I don't think he knows the power switch yet anyhow).

All he needed was a little rocking and all was right with the world.
Here he is right before bed last night, his sweetness cracks me up:

WIP Wednesday news: umm. things are actually coming along. Kim found out yesterday that she is having a GIRL! Soooo excited to make PINK baby hat & booties (i'll try anyway). I have to finish something before I do start that hat, but hopefully it'll happen before she's born at Christmas-time.

And other good news: My copy of Breaking Dawn came in the mail today. I used up {some of} my swagbucks Amazon gift cards to buy a used copy. It was like $8.00 with shipping. I am sooo excited to get a few minutes to start reading. I know once I do that I'm in for it though. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday post

I haven't said what my birthday was like yet! Get ready, it's a long busy one.

Friday, we went to get Rob & Devin fitted for tux for the wedding this september. We ended up buying Dev's for like $25 less than renting. We waited for 45 minutes before anyone even came to talk to us - ugh. Then we went to the meat store & got stuff to go home & grill.

Saturday, Rob wanted to wash his car, so he went to Jess&Lyndsays (the soon-to-be-marrieds) to use the driveway & hose. Devin and me went too, in my own car, and just as we got there, L was leaving for a walk w/the baby so me and Devin went with. We went like 2 blocks to where Jess was helping build a fence and watched for an hour or so. The homeowner (jess's uncle) gave devin a spray bottle with water and he loved that. He never did figure out how to spray away from his face, but he thought it was pretty funny to spray himself, so as long as he was happy! It was super hot out, so I'm sure it felt good! After that, we went home and gave D a power nap and hung out in the AC a little bit then headed over to Kim's for her housewarming barbeque. It was also my birthday party of course, so I brought some of my favorite beverages and we hung out outside. The kids swam & played with the hose and playhouse outside - they were very hungry when it was time to eat and very tired when it was time to sleep - always a good thing :)

Sunday, Mom,Dad, and Lexi brought over a tiny birthday cake & picked us up for the zoo. We had a blast! Devin was pretty brave about the birds/geese. The peacock got really close and he just stared (picture below &on facebook), Then a big white goose did the same thing, looked him right in the face and "HONK" - Devin jumped higher than I've ever seen and flipped out. Soooo funny, but of course I felt reaaallly mean for laughing, he was really scared - until I picked him up. He was in and out of the stroller, checking everthing out. The fish & ducks were his favorite I think. The prairie dogs were also kinda neat, as well as anything that resembled a 'buppy'. They have this thing you can go in the fence with the goats. They made him a little nervous. He didn't mind the babies, but the mamas (or daddies?) kept coming over to check out and he didn't really like the ones with horns even though they were gentle enough.

After the zoo, we scrubbed hands and went out to eat birthday dinner. Baby boy was a big eater! Then we went home & had bath and I left to the Hinder concert with my sister. I wasn't expecting much since I don't really listen to them and when we showed up the opener was on, I though they were Hinder and was totally thinking 'meh'. They came on and pretty much proved me wrong. We had a great time and I think I'm a fan now.

Last night, I was supposed to go for birthday bucket Monday at Buck's - but alas, no babysitter. And it was soooo hot I just wanted to stay right in front of my AC. Supposedly, yesterday was going to be a record-breaker, but I don't think it ended up being, still though it was damn close! I love August!

Picture time:

Pre-tux time

Coloring & waiting for assistance @ tux store.
Rob didn't know it was photo time.

Peacock eating the feed I dropped from the feed machine.

Dev checking out the geese. This isn't the one that honked at him.
That one was outside the fence.

Riding the carousel. He did really well

Hinder singer. Yes we were really close.
It was a really small concert.

I WISH I had pictures from the bbq. :(

Friday, August 6, 2010

My gift to you:

It's my birthday tomorrow! Yippeee!
To celebrate, I'm sharing this gem I found yesterday with my readers:


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Olson Wednesday

Guess what, no WIP wednesday this week. Firstly because I forgot, and also because to be a WIP, I'd have had to actually *worked* on something. That's only a half-truth because I did cast on another project but I'm going to keep it a secret from my blog until I decide/find out who it's going to be for and whether it's actually going to turn out how I think or not.

Instead I left work 2 hours early and headed north to visit my family. It was my Grandpa's birthday yesterday, and coincidentally my Aunt is in town from Washington, so we had a picnic. Devin got his picture taken by my cousin Rachael and she got some cute ones! Also, my little sister got a 2011 Hyundai Sonata and I got to drive it from the picnic to my brother's new apartment. I'm pretty jealous, but I also think my car still has more options. I like the blue-tooth thing in there though!

So, here's some pictures from our picnic. Also, I noticed as I was posting them on facebook that I don't have one picture of Rach..? Mostly Devin & my sisters, weird.
Little boy with Uncle Josh.
He reminds me sooo much of baby Josh.

Sis & Dad

Auntie LaLa

My Dad (in white) and siblings (minus 2)

This is my favorite of the evening, even though Dev is looking the wrong way!
(L-R)Cousin Emily, Sissy Chrissy, Baby Devin, & Me)
And yes, those are my new glasses. Finally! They gave me 20% back, of the price I paid out of pocket, not the total with inurance. So that was nice.

One last thing. I DID produce something this week. I'm having issues with my sewing maching, I knew I shoulda read the owner's manual before I touched it at all! I think I'm figuring out the problem(s), for example, I didn't know you need a ball point needle I'll  get it, very slowly. I think there's still hope for me and my sewing machine.

Look familiar?

Yep, it's a match to Isaac's top!
They're definitely cousins now!
Rach & I just love the idea of them matching like we did as little girls!

Making a few business calls on the way to work this morning.

Happy Thursday (a.k.a. day before Friday)!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

being an adult.

Sometimes being an adult is soooo stressful! This week, I wrote my last check, without thinking that it was my last check because the book I wrote it out of was the FIRST book from a new box. Guess what, the rest of the box disappeared on me! And guess what else, rent is due! And Daycare! Darnit darnit!
I had to go to the bank & have them issue me money orders. Oh for stupid. But I also ordered TWO boxes of checks while I was there, so I'll have some pretty soon.

Othertimes, being an adult is awesome because if you decide you want to camp in your livingroom for 2 weeks straight, well, guess what! You make your trusty man-friend (I'm talking about Rob, not some other man-friend, LOL) drag your mattress to the livingroom floor and park it for 2 weeks. And yes, that's what we've done :) There was 2 reasons I felt like camping in the livingroom: 1. because I'm a nerd and 2. because the AC is out there. I hate waking up too hot!

Otherwise, I finally got my glasses on Friday. Hooray, I can see things up close again!
Oh, and I almost forgot we gave Devin-boy a shave yesterday. He is so much cooler now! Heat-wise, that is. ;)