Tuesday, January 31, 2012


did I scare you..?
been pretty quiet around here.

and in the life of curdy too. pretty quiet. been laying low, and finally now that january is over, I have a few things to look forward to in february. 1. i just place a knit picks order for a sweaters' worth of yarn. my first adult sweater. (plus some other yarn too) 2. my little boy's 3rd b-day - also birthday pictures and birthday haircut. 3. monster trucks! this weekend! and then winter day at the lake and superbowl. I think it's going to be a great weekend.

Back to the sweater thing. I think I have decided on the shapely boyfriend sweater, in red. I'm guessing that I'll be doing 3/4 sleeves because I LOVE 3/4 sleeves, but otherwise I'll probably follow the pattern exactly.
cute, right?!
I'm also thinking really hard about getting yarn to make a short-sleeved-open-front cardigan. I found two patterns that I really love and that seem somewhat similar to me.

Wouldn't that be cute?!  I think I can figure out how to combine the patterns, it'll be just like a math problem.. And I love math!

anyways, i have been participating in luvinthemommyhood's warm up to winter KAL and having a blast knitting up some warm winter accessories (hats & mitts). So far I'm at 4 projects completed or almost completed. I really wish for a pom-pom maker, I am no good at making poms the resourceful way!