Thursday, October 27, 2011

{TUSAL} - October

Hi there. Not much going on over here other than the usual: working, hanging out with my little fam, knitting and being glad it hasn't snowed in Fargo yet. I really hate scraping frost off my windsheild in the morning rush and as of today, that has officially begun. blah. (also I generally hate the morning rush.)

I guess we have a new moon and so here I present to you: my project (err, jar o scraps):
(also, pluto pez that devin picked out at the grocery store last night and forgot all about thank goodness)
can't wait for this stitch along to be over with.

Lately I have been wanting to enjoy the fresh air so and not be bored so Devin and I have been taking a walk around the block once it gets dark outside. Best.idea.ever. I never have to hang out at the park while he slides the same slide 934 times. If we go for a walk during daylight he immediately goes to the park and we don't get to walk anywhere. Plus, he is a little sweetie about staying by mama in the dark and he even holds my hand! I love holding his sweet little sticky hands!

Ps. what is everyone being for halloween? i have no costume ideas what-so-ever and we may be going to a grown-up dress-up party (depending on whether or not we have a babysitter...). Devin is going to use his same costume dragon from last year, because I dug it out of his closet and he totally dug it. He even made a scary pose and growl.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carefree Cowl: Leafy Lavande

So last week, I saw this cowl on KnitPurlGurl and I knew I wanted one. Or to make one. Hard to tell the difference sometimes. Coincidentally (and luckily), Shannon at luvinthemommyhood announced a few days later that she was hosting a Carefree Cowl Knit-a-Long.

Well how perfect is the timing? So I set out and purchased my pattern (my very first non-free pattern, whoohoo!) and my yarn on payday Friday. I was feeling happy that day and spent $15 on this one skein. Also a milestone, because I've never paid even half that for one skein, until that day. Even though I love this color, I was having a hard time choosing between doing the green that I knew I'd love or white. I am dying to knit something white, and I don't even know why, but white has been calling me lately. I may have a nice excuse to make another Lavande haha.

So anyways, I had this knit up over the weekend (end date for the KAL isn't until next month) and wet blocking on Sunday night. It was exciting to see the lace panel show up the way it was intended and the rest of the pattern came out perfectly, it was really simple and quick! I did one extra lace repeat because it is my favorite part of the pattern, it's just pretty. When I first started I had size 13 needles, but I wasn't liking it so I started over with size 15. Size 15 needles are fun to knit with because they're enormous, makes you feel almost like a cartoon haha.

and finally, my last favorite part of this project is the buttons.
aren't they just sweet with the stamped leaves? I feel like this yarn, pattern and buttons were just made for each other. The whole thing just makes me smile.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

boys & tractors

Hi there!
Yes, I'm still here.

remember a couple weeks ago (a week ago? who knows anymore) when I said Rob was going to be working long hours. That was a lie... and tiny accidental lie, it ended up being too warm for them to lift (sugar) beets for a whole week after i said that. Now he is really working double time!! On the weekend he's doing noon to midnight and during the week, 6am to midnight. It will be over very soon. On Sunday we followed him out to the field - because otherwise we'd get really lost, my skillz with directions are not good when there aren't any landmarks other than stop signs and dirt roads - and Devin and I got to go for a ride in a red tractor. Up until last weekend when my little sister's boyfriend brought him a toy red tractor, he Devin thought all tractors were green. He thought it was totally cool that dad was picking the 'vegetables' and putting them 'up there' and in the truck.
Here's D last year driving tractor:

So while dad's at work, I'm on my own getting us up and dressed, and out the door. I am usually the one to drop D off in the morning, but it's harder getting out the door {on time, the most important part} without an extra set of hands. Same goes for getting home and eating supper - the kid hates supper almost every day. And I hate enduring it alone, I hate getting into bed alone too, especially now that the weather is cooling off and the sheets are cold when I get in. We've been keeping it fairly simple and it's been going pretty well, even if I have to let him eat supper like a doggy, haha.

Also this week, I joined luvinthemommyhood's Carefree Cowl Knit-a-long. I got some sweet yarn from the yarn shop! That place makes me happy, I don't go often enough. I'll come back and tell you about my project this week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday - mobile knitting

 So, I have 2 hours for lunch every day (except friday, when i get off work early), and it is not very economical for me to drive home for lunch every single day (it's pretty much across town). Some days I like to go home and clean without anybody around, sometimes I'll make appointments for lunch time and still have time to eat, sometimes I visit with friends, or do errands, etc. And sometimes being alone without going home is cool too. Right now we are having prime weather for mobile knitting. As in, parking in a quiet spot not far from my office and knitting with the windows down and radio on. What am I working on {i hear you asking..}? Bobble scarf. And i'm still deciding if I like it.

I did this today but not before stopping at hobbylobby for this:
size 2 - socks - yes i'm crazy
we are also having prime weather for swinging at the park and picking the last of the flowers, also at the park. devin started it and I'm a rebel so rather than say no, i joined in.
how can you say no to a face this cute??