Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday - mobile knitting

 So, I have 2 hours for lunch every day (except friday, when i get off work early), and it is not very economical for me to drive home for lunch every single day (it's pretty much across town). Some days I like to go home and clean without anybody around, sometimes I'll make appointments for lunch time and still have time to eat, sometimes I visit with friends, or do errands, etc. And sometimes being alone without going home is cool too. Right now we are having prime weather for mobile knitting. As in, parking in a quiet spot not far from my office and knitting with the windows down and radio on. What am I working on {i hear you asking..}? Bobble scarf. And i'm still deciding if I like it.

I did this today but not before stopping at hobbylobby for this:
size 2 - socks - yes i'm crazy
we are also having prime weather for swinging at the park and picking the last of the flowers, also at the park. devin started it and I'm a rebel so rather than say no, i joined in.
how can you say no to a face this cute??

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