Tuesday, November 29, 2011


How was everyone's thanksgiving?
Ours was wonderful. I wish it was Thanksgiving every weekend.
This year was my first year of preparing & bringing a food item for the big meal! My mom dictated what I brought and what went in it, so we were good as far as not bringing something nasty.

Santa made an unexpected appearance at my parents' house while we were there! That was all for Devin - lucky boy! Santa brought Devin a small bag of {leftover halloween?} candy, and they chatted for a few minutes. This was Devin's first time seeing Santa in real life and I was suprised at how cool he was about it. When he left, Devin walked up to Santa and said "thanks for christmas" - it was the cutest/funniest thing ever.

Devin got to sleep over at Grandma & Grandpa's and then the next day we met up for supper with Leighton & family. Can you believe my boy is SIX??? He totally knows his stuff when it comes to Cars2. I got him a little birthday gift with the cars characters and he talked my ear off about each character. He's pretty shy, so it was neat to hear all he had to say.

Besides that, our weekend was pretty quiet. I got a chance to change my nail polish (exciting!!) and I think I wore a hole in my finger from knitting too much :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

a good weekend

i don't know whether or not i've mentioned.. work has been sloooww lately. it's good and bad. like, good that we aren't behind on stuff, or have stacks and stacks of work (or god forbid... take work home!!). and bad that... well, i'm bored. i wish I could knit at work!! (and wear slippers, but that might be taking it a bit far. it is cold in here though)
So anyways, I had a project to finish at home, one day left (for this year) of taking Devin out of daycare without having to pay for the day, and Rob has had his truck in his friends shop for a week, so I thought he could take mine over to finish up his and I took Friday off to stay home with my little man and attack mt. laundry.
how is he old enough to help himself in the kitchen??
in a diaper, no less! haha

here's a list of happies from the weekend:
-needed and wore my sunglasses on more than one occasion.
-slept in 3 days in a row - 9:50, 10:50, and 11:00 am, respectively (thank you devin)
-finished my project so I had time for more personal knitting
-went to Breaking Dawn with my little sister
-got a cool cup from the movie theater!
-put up one string of white Christmas lights in my kitchen window
-Devin wearing all purple on Sunday - too bad our team sucks

The only thing missing is that we were supposed to meet our friends' new baby, but since Rob had some unexpected trouble with the whole fixing his truck thing, we didn't have time, hopefully this week sometime though.

happy monday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So, did anybody else watch the Country Music Awards last night?
I did. And I thought there were alot of really good performers!
Also, I kinda wanted to stomp my feet when Taylor swift won entertainer of the year. She is like... bad. And annoying being played on every station. I would have been happy with anyone other than her winning.

Plus, there are so many songs lately that sound so similar to me and are sort of whiney, sad story type.
Too many! I normally wouldn't mind, but I've been listening to one particular radio station for almost 24/7 like a month now trying to win cash (the girls in the office are doing the same - we're registered online and hoping they call our name to win money) and this station really over-does it on the sappy. The contest should be ending tomorrow and I am so putting Christmas music on Pandora at work until Christmas is over!

Nothing else Christmas has come out at our house, but the music is definitely welcome!
TGIF, tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{still} carefree

I wasn't sure I'd have time to knit up another cowl for the Carefree Cowl knit-along, but I really wanted to make the purl bee's bandana cowl.
pretty right? so I got yarn, and got at it. I finished in a day, but actually, I didn't finish. I ran out of yarn and decided that I had the wrong yarn/needle combo to begin with and wound it back into a ball!
But, still, I wanted to have at least one more cowl. so,

it's basically a tube. i just cast on (60, or was it 70? stitches) and did a few rounds of rib and a bunch of stockinette, and then a few more rounds of ribbing until I thought i was going to run out of yarn.
I love fat yarn.
one of these days i'll get my bandana cowl made... but today is the last day for the knit-a-long.
it's been real, and it's been fun. it's been real, carefree fun.