Thursday, March 31, 2011

his book

The Mysteries of 2012: Predictions, Prophesies and Possibilities .

He is totally into this stuff. I'm actually glad we don't have cable, because we'd be watching shows about the end of the world non.stop. Not to say that I don't find it interesting, I just don't fixate on it like Rob does, mainly because it kind of scares me {if we're being honest}.

I wonder:
how will the people who really believe this feel when nothing changes?
or the opposite, will the people who ignore it be surprised?

I don't quite know what I believe will or won't happen, but I would like to hear what others think..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Oh, I've missed WIP wednesday around here.
It's been kinda quiet over here. I'm starting to feel like we'll have winter until next winter starts. blah.

Here is what I've been working on:
1. Devin's Cameron sweater (probably going to be an easter sweater) needs sleeves and that's it!! :) He has tried on this portion and I'm happy with it.

2. Bellingrath socks. Going much better the 2nd time around with extra stitch markers. Getting anxious about turning the heel in the next few rows.
3. baby bear hugs. not complete yet, but also not far from it. no pictures.

also last week - 
I ordered this book for myself. :)

I am so glad I got this book! I read the entire first half the day I got it. That says alot since I hate reading LOL. I would probably have read the 2nd half too, but it's just patterns. The first half has a great history lesson in knitting as well as some great info. In fact, as I read, I realized I was making 2 stitches wrong :-0 Not too terribly wrong, but the right way is always better, I say.

Rob got confused and thought it was called stitches and bitches. now he thinks i'm into the ladies. oh wow.
I also ordered a book for him - we'll probably talk about that tomorrow.

Friday, March 25, 2011


well. turns out I can share one of my mystery baby projects finally! baby is not here yet, but the sex has finally been confirmed and it is a girl! and this girl's mother does not read my blog. oh. and the project is actually finished. the first one in the latest batch of knitting projects (which brings me hope for the others being finished soon too!).

So here we go. Here is the pattern I used (I think you have to be a member, so I'll include the picture):
And here is what we got, with dreambaby yarn:
the sleeves are a bit shorter than the pattern. On purpose - it'll be for a summer baby so I thought shorter sleeves would be better. the last thing I need to do is add buttons. i'd be willing to bet I don't have any that will match so I'll have my eyes peeled for some cute ones and get them on sometime in the next 4 months (which I think I can manage.. hehe). Doesn't pooh look happy to be modeling a pink & purple baby sweater? I never liked pooh much, so that's what he gets... I do love the sweater though!

also. during the knitting of this sweater I decided that I'm not buying varigated yarn anymore, at least for a little while. I'd rather it have been a solid color. or even stripes. it's not bad, just not the look I wanted I guess. it's extremely soft & light and I think it will look adorable on anyone other than pooh. :)

slow week

super slow. I had monday off and stayed home with Devin. it was wonderful overall, but no nap for either of us. which is sad. always sad. we met with Rob's mom for lunch at mcdonalds and for her to give us some crap and me to give her a phone charger. she also bought devin some new cars.

passed out on the way home from mcdonalds - stunted nap time. grrr.
also, how cool is that hummer grandma got him?!

Tuesday- work. regular day except we left at 4.30 (because of bad weather coming). also Devin went to daycare this day for the first time in months. he remembered his friends and they remembered him. it was a super adorable reunion.
wednesday- no work. storm happened and we were snowed in - at the end of march. Unbelievable.
yesterday - worked regular day. beginning of annual meeting at work. this means - no jeans this friday (today) because the boss man (and other important-looking guys that I don't know) is in town. also, we missed the office.
friday (today)- usually the short day of work. probably not today because of annual meeting. lame.

I really haven't been too busy at work either so the days/time off is nice. as we speak, one of the important guys is interviewing a guy to become a 2nd agent in our area. he looked cute too. especially when you consider that he is much younger than the 65-year old agent we already have. anyways, point is, maybe we will suddenly have more business and I will actually be busy at work soon.

Also. some knitting stuff happened this week - I'm sure if you know me, you assumed with all that time off this would happen. I'll actually have some stuff to share on wednesday. :)

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's here!

Happy Spring! Today is the first day of the official 'freshness' season. At least that's what it is in my mind.
(someone please tell that to the roof-high snow hill outside my office window)

I hope that this season brings new-ness and fresh-ness into our world.

Plus, bring on the summer!!

a few weeks ago Rob & I discovered there is an organic farmers' market within biking distance of our house. it's actually across the river and we cannot wait to venture over there when (if?) it opens in the spring. currently it is looking very closed as well as the gardens looking very snowy and dead.

Friday, March 18, 2011

it's cool & it's blue

I made something!

I've been working on decorating my apartment (finally) lately. My livingroom is getting cuter, but my bathroom has been exactly the same since we moved to this apartment almost 2 years ago now. I haven't yet, but I plan to replace this shower curtain with something in a simlar color scheme because my rugs are still nice LOL.

I (stupidly) don't have any before pictures but here's the magical part...
The frame was free. My dad gave me some 'art' for my old apartment. It was a butt-ugly drawing of a girl in a flower field. Something old ladies would have. Even my mom laughed at it. I used it for awhile, but then I decided that this frame would be better for something else. I painted it this color (which surprised me with its brightness) last summer and hung it lazily over my thermostat thinger in the bathroom. a random blue frame.
most of my guests got a kick out of its randomness in there.

Last weekend I finally had a great idea and hung it independently (not on the thermostat thinger) and put a final decorating/matching touch.

here we go!
I thought it would work well to put my hair-things on. And now that its done I realize I don't have as many hair things as I thought I did. Now to solve that problem too....

It just makes me happy in there :)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

over a month later...

and I'm still finding glitter in stupid places. mostly my purse. cool.

Happy St. Patricks Day.
I hope it's lucky for all of us!

Updated: this morning after I got dressed & ready I checked my phone and had a text that said 'happy st pats day' (which I had completely forgotten about in my 7am-getting-ready-for-work-in-the-dark haze) and look what I was already wearing! Coincidence!! (kind of ... because I own a million green shirts)

Plus, it actually is a lucky day for me because we got cold stone cupcakes at work! yippee! i never tried them before today and they are uh-mazing, but not helping 'operation MILF' whatsoever!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

boy inspired

LOVE the cutie on the bottom left!
plus I want to re-create that sweater :)
So, a few of the blogs I follow (maybe you do too) were celebrating the boy last month. I loved reading up on all kinds of things to make for little guys. Sewing, knitting, and some of it just crafting with glue, etc.
One of my favorite blogs did a round-up of sorts that more resembles a list for me, HAH! A very ambitious list that I wish I could complete. Check out the cuteness here.

I'd better get started before I start wishing I had a girl again.

PS. go here for knitting lessons. WAHOO!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

who's mom?

so last night we did supper with Rob's mom. if it isn't during daylight savings time, we have to do alot of driving and she buys us dinner. during daylight savings time she can drive herself to town*, otherwise it gets too dark after supper for her to drive herself home. so she says. and so annoying.

the older our little guy gets, the worse he does on these drives to grandma's. he used to sleep the entire time. long gone are those days. this time he babbled and yelled and played motorcycle. yelled 'hi guys!' 'sarwah!' 'rob!' 'hi!' a million times. Then he started with 'curdy!'. How do you not laugh at that! Except when it goes on for 30+ minutes straight. He is our crazy boy.

Don't forget DST this weekend!

*it's a long story, but we don't visit at her house. And she lives in a town with a population of 122 people so the closest restaurants are in F-town (where we live)

Monday, March 7, 2011

number two

No! Not a baby!! Though it seems like the popular thing to do these days ha.

Friday, March 4, 2011

{TUSAL} March

here's the picture from last month:

and here's this month:

from these pictures it looks like I really like teal yarn. I sorta do. HA

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have 3 things to say on this beautiful thursday.

1. Thanks for the kind words about our sick baby. He's acting better but still having coughing spells.

2. Here's the progress on the cameron since I didn't have a pic uploaded yesterday:

this is the back. & D's hand on the left corner.
3. I'm watching you.

Happy Thursday (the office is on tonight!-that makes 4 things to say. oops.)!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday.

Well, I'm about or over halfway done with 'the cameron' for Devin, and I'm out of yarn (surprise!! ... not). It's looking super nice and I tried putting the 'back' against his back (to check length) and he just goes 'thanks mom' LOL.

bear hugs - been hiding/resting. =/
that's all there is.

Unless you want to see little guy at the dr. on Friday:

He's normal size, normal development... you know all the good stuff the dr. can say. After the nurse brought us back we had to wait for the dr. in just a diaper haha. plus he got more immunizations. I feel like that place tricks me, I swear they said last time that we would need no shots this time. The excuse is that they 'changed some and added more' blah blah blah. ok.

Magically the 5 days following the immunizations we have this poor pathetic boy who doesn't even want to play or eat. So sad. He even laid on the couch with blankets - he has never, not once, done that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in like a..

It is freaking cold out today. So we hope that March is in like a lion and out like a lamb. I'm doubting it on the lamb anyways. Our weather man said that as far out as he can see, it's cold. And that's like 2 weeks of not even breaking 20 degrees. :( Of course, there's always the fact that weather men are known to be wrong from time to time, maybe we'll get lucky.

Either way, guess what's coming to a neighborhood near us.. I mean... our neighborhood. Lets have a look at the map:
Red =walking/biking path
Purple = 4' concrete wall
yellow triangle = where we live

Aye aye aye! Starting to panic, but luckily our city is already all over flood fight 2011 before the snow has really melted at all yet. Also between the red & purple is our beloved park that we probably won't see til mid-to-late june because of the water. Now we just need a lamb :)

Happy March!!