Monday, March 7, 2011

number two

No! Not a baby!! Though it seems like the popular thing to do these days ha.

Its official, my son thinks that the bathtub is his personal enormous toddler training potty. Thank goodness for the disposable gloves my bff's dad gave me when he picked up a whole case at a rummage sale last summer.

And we just got over an issue that #2 was hurting so much that he couldn't do it. So sad for him but i feel like now that he knows what it feels like we should do more potty. Especially since he tells me that he's doing it as it happens. And he loves the potty dance DVD...


  1. When Jensen is constipated I HATE giving him a bath because the water relaxes them enough for them to have a comfortable poop and I don't have any clothes. I've thrown away a lot of wash clothes though LOL!

  2. poor little guy! *knock on wood* I have always felt soooo lucky that Adria hasn't ever done that yet.


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