Thursday, March 31, 2011

his book

The Mysteries of 2012: Predictions, Prophesies and Possibilities .

He is totally into this stuff. I'm actually glad we don't have cable, because we'd be watching shows about the end of the world non.stop. Not to say that I don't find it interesting, I just don't fixate on it like Rob does, mainly because it kind of scares me {if we're being honest}.

I wonder:
how will the people who really believe this feel when nothing changes?
or the opposite, will the people who ignore it be surprised?

I don't quite know what I believe will or won't happen, but I would like to hear what others think..


  1. I think it sells books. But then again, so does stuff about Big Foot.

  2. There are some die hard end of the world-ers out there. Who knows what the people who deeply believe in this will do when nothing changes. I don't buy into all of that personally. Although, I do admit, it is interesting to hear about it. Mainly because I really enjoy hearing different point of views on anything. It is interesting to hear WHY they believe the way they do too. Just not for me though.

  3. I had a post about this here -

    Rob told me he absolutely wants another baby before 2012 because of this though so it does have its perks! ;)


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