Thursday, March 17, 2011

over a month later...

and I'm still finding glitter in stupid places. mostly my purse. cool.

Happy St. Patricks Day.
I hope it's lucky for all of us!

Updated: this morning after I got dressed & ready I checked my phone and had a text that said 'happy st pats day' (which I had completely forgotten about in my 7am-getting-ready-for-work-in-the-dark haze) and look what I was already wearing! Coincidence!! (kind of ... because I own a million green shirts)

Plus, it actually is a lucky day for me because we got cold stone cupcakes at work! yippee! i never tried them before today and they are uh-mazing, but not helping 'operation MILF' whatsoever!


  1. OMG!!! I wish all the cold stones here hadn't closed down that sounds AMAZING!!


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