Friday, March 11, 2011

who's mom?

so last night we did supper with Rob's mom. if it isn't during daylight savings time, we have to do alot of driving and she buys us dinner. during daylight savings time she can drive herself to town*, otherwise it gets too dark after supper for her to drive herself home. so she says. and so annoying.

the older our little guy gets, the worse he does on these drives to grandma's. he used to sleep the entire time. long gone are those days. this time he babbled and yelled and played motorcycle. yelled 'hi guys!' 'sarwah!' 'rob!' 'hi!' a million times. Then he started with 'curdy!'. How do you not laugh at that! Except when it goes on for 30+ minutes straight. He is our crazy boy.

Don't forget DST this weekend!

*it's a long story, but we don't visit at her house. And she lives in a town with a population of 122 people so the closest restaurants are in F-town (where we live)

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  1. LOL I make my mom call me mama and not Amy so my son won't start calling me Amy lol!


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