Wednesday, February 22, 2012

and the moral of this story is..

that I'm awesome.

So we'll start at the beginning about... june. I don't know... could have been may or july, I'm horrible at keeping track. My boss bought me a new chair for my desk. Because the arms were breaking off the old one. I have no idea how long the chair had been here, it was probably time to replace it anyways.

So, I got this brand new chair from the office store. I was so happy to have a nice new chair with arms that were intact, until like one month later... things started to slip. My chair continuously sunk down during the day and I was reaching down about 1000 times a day to raise it back up again, only to be back down within the hour. Apparently, this is a common problem. (I love google.)

So after suffering for like... months, I researched (googled) and the results were that you can 1. take apart the mechanism, or 2. add a dryer hose clamp, or 3. get a new chair (which i was afraid to even ask after only having this one for under a year.)

And then, there's option 4 (my very own brilliant idea). Exchange the mechanism with a good one from another chair. There's like 4 chairs here that nobody sits in, in fact they are found in a seperate part of our office that is usually locked off. We were expecting carpet people to come finish installing our new carpet on Friday in the locked off part, so it was open. I got out the tool kit and had workshop hour on friday afternoon after everyone left*. BOOM! Chair is like new now and I am so happy!

*we have a rotating schedule on fridays so that everyone gets a chance to go home early a couple times a month, but our office remains open by the one person (me, last week) staying until regular closing time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I spent my weekend knitting a sock

my baby turned 3! Unbelievable.

Devin is so happy to be 3 and even more happy that he got to go to Chuck.e.cheese with grandma & grandpa. Also, his 3rd birthday was also his 3rd day wearing underwear with NO accidents! Thank God, because 3 years of diapers is quite enough!