Friday, May 27, 2011

the end of may

how can it be?

i've been well. exhausted from having a crabby baby and a crabby me and.. well we've started to get to bed just a bit earlier and come to discover: my 2-year-old can act like a big kid when he gets enough sleep.

yesterday was awesome, the weather was nice right after work so Devin and I went over to our park and after trying all the toys once, walked around. The path is still halfway underwater but we walked most of it. And found . . . .
. . . #1. this bench is new. and #2. they tore up part of the path and put it in a pile right behind the bench.... uh?
I, for one, find this bench to be perfectly located. Not even half a block from our front door and check this out . . .

The river is still way over its banks.  As Devin pointed out yesterday, "the trees are in the water." (also, the trees have leaves finally!) We sat and watched this, looking for ducks. He was pretty amused by the ducks swimming on the water. We only saw two and he wanted to wait there all night for more, and in order for us to go home I had to tell him the ducks had gone night-night and then here came two people rowing a canoe. How random. (&i was jealous, it looked like fun)

So. In conclusion. I hope everybody has a great memorial day weekend. I know I will (especially if we weren't getting rain every day of my long weekend). One of my best friends is getting married next month and the bachelorette party is this weekend. so that should be fun. i wish you all could come. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

{TUSAL} - May

another late entry. clearly I need a calendar with the new moon marked!
I've got 2 calendars (well 3 if you count cell phone) and neither of them shows the moons.
Kinda odd.
speaking of cell phone. sorry about the photo quality. ew.
So, I think my jar is exactly the same as last month.
I need to get on finishing more stuff.
And quit starting new things just to start something new.
I think I have a problem.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bubbles & swinGing

Last night, while Rob worked on his truck at his buddy's garage, Devin & I hung out with his wife & baby girl in the back yard. I am so excited to soon be able to be outside every single day, seems silly, but having snow 9 months out of the year really makes you appreciate sunshine & fresh air!

If you are my FB friend you've already seen this picture, but OMG the cuteness (you can't tell here because it's B&W, but the grass has not even perked up yet!). Devin calls this swinGGing. He really gets all the letters in there when he pronounces it. We kept cracking up at it last night. Also, the babies played bubbles and I think Devin liked it more than Lexi did. He can blow bubbles himself! Seems like something he shouldn't know how to do yet, but I sure am proud!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Diaper run & flashback

So I sent Rob for diapers last night.
And evidently I don't do that enough because he had to ask what size.
And yes, I swear I've told him before.
How long have we had this kid again?
Hah, men. . . .

**photo from January 2010. Before bebe could walk. awww.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

thought for today

-and also, Holy crap it's May?!?!