Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I'm starting to get project ADD as spring time approaches, maybe it's just ADD in general, who knows.

The other day I was thinking about knitting a blanket that matches Devin's bedroom to spread on his bed when we transition out of the crib (who knows when.. give me alot of time for a blanket of any sort!). While we were at hobby lobby last week, I picked up a skein each of the 3 colors I wanted to use to get me started. (I know, terrible knitting planning)
(here's the ADD): Instead of the blanket, I started a sweater for my little man. I didn't have the needles I wanted for the blanket and plus, did I tell you what my lovely mom gave me for Christmas?
A book full of knitting patterns!
Here's the link to the pattern I chose - and for reasons unknown I ended up choosing white (cream) as the main color - just had a DOH! moment about the fact that my messy boy will be wearing a white sweater that I intend to spend many hours making. Here's the last picture I took of it Monday night and it has grown since then:

The yarn is 50% acrylic & 50% cotton and it's really soft, like maybe I want a sweater out of it soft. But again, now that I've started knitting it I'm hoping that I remember to never put it in the dryer.

But anyways, I've finished one of the baby projects for the most part, as in would take under an hour to have it wrapped up and ready for baby. The other has been hiding in the bin waiting for me to finish the cameron while it'll still fit my boy. :)

Happy Wednesday! (another link for good measure)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Friday was Devin's birthday and I got home from work early enough to be home when he woke up from his nap. When he woke up we gave him a little toy motorcycle, like 2" tall. He was sooo super happy and tried riding it right away LOL - funny guy.
Holding the tiny handlebars
Saturday, we ran errands, got cupcake & birthday stuff.
Sunday was Devin's 2nd birthday party (and Rob's actual 32nd birthday).
I learned a few lessons in being the bdpp (birthday party planner) and I'm sure I'll learn something new every year from now until eternity about that. Just wow.
We waited at our chosen restaurant for an hour for a table. And we had reservations.
We had 5 kids come, all were between 2months and 3 years except one.
Here's Devin meeting the alien:

And here is the birthday boy loving the attention:

{the party may or may not have been during his nap time. yikes}

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Cool

{Devin's new favorite phrase - so funny & adorable when he says it}
I'm having a really hard time understanding something.

Wanna know what that is?

It's the fact that I {may} have gotten 3 seat-belt tickets in one month*, but still, THIS goes on. Not cool Fargo PD! Not a single answer or arrest yet, but tons of surveillance. Come on.

Way to keep the city safe. I'm sorry I'm tall (and truly believe seatbelts are not designed for those of us 'blessed with a chest') and you can't see that the short people also don't wear seatbelts everywhere they go. Work on finding robbers instead, please.

yea, yea... I know I'll get over it.

*It was all last year, and I currently wear my seatbelt 100% of the time.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well, I finished the scarf for Rob's mom. Finally. My hands got sore from that one but it came out well and I hope she loves it. I even added fringe/tassles, whatever you want to call it. We'll see her this weekend for Devin's birthday and I'm sure we'll have more winter for her to use it this year. If not (wishful thinking), there's always next year.

The other stuff, well, I haven't really worked much on it. Bear hugs is calling my name though.

Over the weekend we made Valentines with our little valentine and hand-delivered them to his little friends. Our apartment (and car, and momma's purse) is permanently covered in glitter. Genious idea using glitter & glue with little people. Or at all for that matter, ha! Herpes of craft supplies? I think I heard that somewhere once. (googled it, I have)

Here's a link for those who think this post is boring by itself. Just kidding, it's for everyone.
checky ouww - as Devin would say. It's a photo project called "back to the future" and it's pretty awesome.

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm having a good day because:

1.) My tax refund finally found my bank account this morning
2.) I just scored this deal on Cosmo! :)
3.) I got to go to Hobby Lobby on my lunch break
4.) It's time to go home. Early!

Totally happy right now!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Smart Dog

So last night, Rob & I were watching World news with Diane Sawyer and this doggy came on and impressed the pants off us! He knew over 1,000 words. So amazing! Here's the link to the story for anyone interested.
At the end of the story Diane says that this story will be on NOVA Science Now on PBS. We don't watch that show.. but we were impressed like I said, so we gave up our regular (funny) shows & watched the last half. We didn't get to see the amazing dog again, but there were some other really sweet things. Would it be weird if I said NOVA is my new favorite show?

If you're not impressed by the dog - this bird is even more amazing with its tiny brain! We were watching and saying 'that bird is smarter than devin!' And it truly was - now I want a smart pet!

No WIP Wed yesterday because it would have been a copy/paste matter ha. We had the flu last weekend and momma has gotten no knitting time between then & now. :(

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

first of all - umm, cute!

second - the socks might be a start-over project and therefore, I have not been working on them. pretty sure I'm starting over - with more stitch markers this time. I guess i'm not perfect afterall. hahaha.

third - the scarf. going smoothly. I took it along on our trip, but didn't get more than an hour or so to actually knit the whole time. I could have done more, but it was in my bag in the back most of the drive. oops. it's coming along though, I'd say half done.

fourth - I finally got to go to the yarn store. I was just about decided on what I want, when I told the girl working what my idea for my next project (couple of projects..?) was and she pointed me in a different direction. All I'm going to say about these projects on my blog (and the photos will speak for themselves) is that, I know quite a few people having babies coming soon. babies who will be wearing yummy knitted things. ok?
here's what I got:

I'm not real sure about the 'bear hugs' - i dont think that's the name of the yarn...

It's neat looking, I haven't really felt how soft it is or anything.. =/   but the dreambaby is.. well, very dreambaby-ish LOL. it's almost like a sock yarn, soft & lightweight and I love the colors. Next time I'm getting solids though. I almost don't want to open them (anymore... in the case of the bear hugs, I had to rip one side open to peek) because I like them so much!

Here's a tiny peek at the dreambaby WIP:
that's like, 800 stitches in this picture alone!

And two finished projects!
It's Kim's baby Dylan wearing my hat! :)
Plus, nothing cuter than a sleeping baby, right?
rrroooooarrrr! it's an 8-inch lion.

I think i'm done now. :) until next week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

all about my lunch today

well, i reheated some pot roast from last night hahah!
then I played with Devin - as usual.
love my lunch breaks.
(two hours long, every day)
he found my digital camera and kept saying
'i ta pichuurrr' & 'cheeeeese'

and then it got taken away and he cried 
'i cann weach it!'
Sorry bud :(
mommy still thinks you're really cute though.

Devin's new haircut, also brought to you by mommy.

*WIP Wednesday is back tomorrow!