Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Did I mention that I recently finished reading a book?

I hate reading. I have loved all 3 Twilight books though, surprisingly enough. I think everyone who has read them says that though. I should also say that I'm pretty sure Eclipse holds the record for the longest book I've ever read (and finished or not sparknoted). So I know I'm in for a treat when I start Breaking Dawn.
So anyways, I won tickets to the midnight premiere on the radio. Funny story about that, I normally don't listen to the station I won from so the one and only time I called & tried to win these tickets is the time I won! :) I took my friend Amanda. I've known her since forever, but we haven't seen each other in awhile... like a year or more. It was great to hang out and have a totally girly {teeny-bopper!} time. Her mom even watched Devin for us to go - I was NOT expecting that and she offered and was more than happy to do it!

We got in line at a little after 9 and we were wrapped around the building. Like, the end of the line. I think it was playing 6 or 7 shows and the lines were seperated for which theater. Our line got to go sit first. The movie was reaaalllly good! Totally worth coming to work on 3 hours of sleep for! My alarm went off this morning and I contemplated calling in for too long, LOL! My boss knew I was going, so I doubt she'd've minded, but I'm tough and I'm also going to bed waaayyy early tonight. Like, as soon as pipsqueak falls asleep!
"Smiling" & crossing his ankles.

I just remembered something I haven't talked about here yet. Rob quit M&J and is now on the road. The driving is temporary, easy cash. He is in Mississippi at the moment and heading back this way this morning. This is his 2nd trip down, he's doing it with his friend, for the friend's dad. They're getting FEMA trailers (the RV kind) and bringing them up to the reservation. I'm not 100%, but I believe they're for housing. The last trip took 5.5/6 days. This one should be 4.5/5 days. They had a whole crew last time and this time, it's just Rob & Bo, who know what they're doing and don't need to sleep every 6 hours. It's been interesting for us not having Daddy around. Last week Lex was there to help, but this week, I'm on my own. It's only Wednesday and we've been very busy this week already! Of course there was last night, and then Monday night, my mom & sister came to town to meet my mom's cousin from Tennessee and we were busy with that until way past Devin's bedtime!

Blah, ok, this is getting long and I still haven't gotten to my WIP's. I have 2 now. I haven't worked much on the orange 'thing' which will be revealed when it's finished and I started a 'spur of the moment, we're at the fabric/yarn store & lexi found a free pattern of something she wanted & I had yarn' project. It's yoga socks and they're obviously waaaayyy smaller than the orange one, so that's nice. Gives my eyeballs some different colors to look at. Here are my projects balled up on the desk. It's the best I can do for now, since I'm not at home..
Happy Humpday!

Friday, June 25, 2010

my buddy

Being very cute earlier today.
He loves his new booster chair from grandma!


Ok, I think I've got my blog where I want it (for now) finally!

And I did this without thinking, but while I was working on it I had to leave it messed up, so I 'went private' and now I'm unprivate, and I think blogger makes that to mean my followers have to delete me and re-add me. Hopefully not, but I think so.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Ohh, my very first blog WIP Wednesday. I don't know whether I'll do it every Wednesday, or just when I happen to have time/think of it. I'm loving what I'm working on right now and I want to show off my progress. It's my blog and I can if I want to. =)

Ok, now story time. I was home for lunch today and Devin wasn't dressed yet, so I decided it was a good time to put on his new M&M shirt that Auntie Chrissy brought back from Las Vegas. I tried so hard to get a picture that wasn't blurry of him modeling. Eventually he sat down & I told him to smile. This is what we got before he got right back up again:

LOL he looks like he's in pain! I promise this is what he thinks is smiling. Plus even this one's a bit blurry, but better than the others LOL.

Here's a picture Leighton's mom just texted me today:
Twins, right? I mean Devin is totally going to be identical in 3 years. Crazy.

And guess what else! I won tickets to the Eclipse midnight premiere from the radio station on Monday. YAY! So that means the movie is on like Tuesday night, really really late, right? I'm so out of the loop!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We have a problem.

Someone please agree with me that this is pathetic!

It's my arms. All of them. They're two completely different colors! ACK!

Yes, to answer your question, I took these pictures when nobody was around. And yes, to answer your other question, it is hard to take a picture of both of your arms without a timer! It only took my 5 tries though, to get two seperate pictures of both my arms. I put them opposite ways in each picture, and in both my left is definitely wayyy darker. WTF is up with my car not having AC?

The other thing is that, today would be the perfect day to go swimming with Auntie Lexi & Devin after work. We have a pool at our apartment after all. Free to use.
Because, that's us. Residents. But, take a closer look and you will see that this is as close as we can get to that water.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Auntie is here!

I'm supposed to be on a low-soda diet. Meaning, QUIT soda! I just can't! Today my hands & ankles feel swollen and I know it's because I drank diet coke (the enemy) last night. Also, I'm plus 7 lbs, which I know will go away with a day of lots of water. Usually I'm really good about balancing it out if I do drink some soda, but weekends are even lazy in that department. Also, my face won't stop breaking out. I've never had this problem before, I'm gross and I hate having pimples all over my face! Ok, they're mostly containted to my chin/mouth area. That's not any better..

Yesterday we went to Applebees for Rob's Father's Day dinner and he got a certificate for a free entree next time we go. I snapped this picture on the way in. And we were actually walking so I missed and cut off Rob's head. Trust me, he'd rather it be that way, he hates pictures anyway.

Look at them in their matching khaki shorts!!

Other newsworthy events, Auntie Lexi is staying with us this week. My daycare is moving (within proximity) this week so, we needed someone to take our goober while we work. Lexi is Devin's favorite aunt! Me and him drove halfway to meet her and mom (since she doesn't have her license yet) and Mom got out of the car to say hi to him, then when he saw Lexi he ignored grandma and got really excited about Lexi LOL.

He acted like a little show-off the rest of the night too. Like in the car, OMG came on the radio and he started in on the Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, we laughed so hard! I got a video I'll try posting maybe tomorrow of the end of him doing it. When we got home, he brought out all his coolest toys to show her. Of course showing off his walking skills, he made about 20 laps around the kitchen, since our kitchen, entryway, and hallway/livingroom are the perfect place for laps.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

uh oh

Found a project. And some yarn.
I hope it doesn't take as long as I think it's going to.
Now I have 2 things on needles - which seems to make me anxious lol.

Oh yea, and that seventh game of the final series is on tonight. 3-3, so whoever wins this game wins and basketball is over until next season. My brother is coming over to watch with us. I'm guessing it's going to be an intense game. I just wish I cared.

Plus, check it out:

He's a pro now.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From my email:

The first testicular guard, the "Cup," was used in Hockey in 1874, and the first helmet was used in 1974.

That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

Quit Laughing.



I want to blog but I'm in a bad mood. I hate that!

I'll do an update, but it'll be short & sweet, how's that?

Last weekend, we took Dev to the lake. Not really a fan I don't think. Could be because he spent the majority of the trip being held or in his stroller. It was rainy and therefore muddy plus he's new to walking, so anytime there's a campfire he had to be held or restrained in his stroller, which we put with our chairs near the fire so it wasn't too bad. Sunday morning he walked to the car quite a few times. I think he was telling us he's ready to go LOL. On the way out, we ate lunch at my uncle Paul & aunt Elaine's cabin. Pretty sweet place.

Yesterday, my friend Kim celebrated (and had) her 21st Birthday! FI-NA-LLY!!! So yes, one of my bff's is younger than me, in fact, she is the same age as my little sister. Somehow though, I'm among her younger friends lol. Her and I graduated college together, she was 18 and I was.. 21. Anyways, she started at Paradiso, lots of people were there, including me. We had a clutzy waitress, I could not stop laughing when she fell TWICE in a row. I felt terrible for laughing, but I was having a bad day {noticing a trend?} and something funny just needed to happen. My first margarita got spilled on Kims friend Leah, by the waitress. Then everyone else went out to a bunch more bars. Kim's pregnant - so she wasn't drinking, but Leah really wanted to get drunk lol, so I offered to babysit her 5-week-old so they could go wild. He was an angel the entire time and I got my fix of babybaby snuggles. YAY! Oh they smell so good when they're tiny!

Also relating to Kim's birthday, I somehow put her birthday message on her fiance's facebook wall yesterday. LOL - he texted me later to tell me happy birthday back. Embarrassing. Made for a funny explanation when I saw them later though.

That's about all. I'm going now to figure out how to get my videos from my phone to my computer to Youtube. Wonder if I can put videos on my blog somehow...

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm being tortured

Apprently, it is NBA Final Series time. Also, it is becoming obvious that we need another TV. I don't love basketball, but I learned a few things about the NBA this week. That counts for something I suppose. Things I didn't know before last night: 1. there is a Celtics player that is called Big Baby - by the announcers & everyone I guess, 2. The final series can potentially be se-ven games long. Great.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

dress. ugh.

I'm trying to think in advance to what I'm going to wear to a wedding this fall. I've been to 4 weddings. Been in 3 of the 4 and the other wedding was my first and my mom picked what I wore because I was young like that. This wedding is Rob's best bud & his skinny fiance's wedding. Early in september - outdoors. Devin is going to be the ring-bearer & Rob I'm sure will be a groomsman. This is my first wedding that I'm going to that I am dressing myself is basically what I'm saying and I don't wanna wait til last minute and wear something completely stupid.
Here's what I'm thinking:

Plus a white (?) lightweight cardigan of some sort. Is it wedding appropriate? Now I need to find shoes that will go with it.... sigh. I really don't like shopping (unless it's coupon shopping, of course - but that's different)

In other news I am on day 11 of an all-natural 14 day colon cleanse. I don't think I feel any different, but seeing how this is my first cleanse maybe I don't know how I'm supposed to know if I feel it? The secret potion is 3 laxative {horse} pills, plus one milk thistle caplet, plus fiber drink mix powder at bedtime for the first week. The second week I started one milk thistle in the morning, then 2 milk thistle, 2 laxative and fiber drink mix at bedtime. I've only forgot one night and we went to bed early that night. Oops.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

finished some stuff

I'll start by saying work has been really kicking my butt lately. Things are weird around here these days. It's a long story for another post, but that means less blogging time, since I blog mostly at work. Not that anyone is missing anything, because work is the only part of my life that is even relatively busy. LOL

First, I'll share what I've been working on:

Meet Timmy:
Yes, that's the name we decided on. He's tiny... like 5 inches or so. When I gave him to Devin he chewed & drooled on him right away. I think that means he likes him.

Next, my 'table runner':
WAAAAHHHH! All the hard work and I ran out of yarn like 4 inches short. This was a heartbreaker, but the way it looks, it's a good thing. The first half went pretty good, not perfect, but decent looking. The last 1/3 or so of it, I had to revise my pattern to go backward and since I do not design knitting patterns... yea, obviously not perfection. The reason I didn't go get more yarn to finish is because my mom gave me this yarn from her {very large} stash, and I can tell by the price tag that it is very old (does Target sell yarn anymore?)and I would have had a horrible time matching it (it's a light yellow) and it would not have been worth it. I gave it to Devin and once again, he acted like he loved it. LOL he slept with it! Don't know when I'll attempt that again... probably won't since I'm getting a sewing machine in a few short weeks! I'm a little excited. It will take wayyyy less than 3 weeks to make one simple table runner on a sewing machine.
The reason I want a table runner is so I will keep my table cleared off and we can use it for eating. What a weird idea, I know, but right now it is for storage apparently and I'm tired of looking at that crap [some of it is mine too].

My other goings-on are: reading Eclipse. Finally getting back to it more seriously and it's getting to the good part, which obviously means the end is coming and before I know it the movie will be out. YAY!
Speaking of movies, we rented Alice in Wonderland this weekend. yea. It was OK. That doesn't tell you much, but it definitely wasn't a favorite.
We also rented Wolfman. Not good, in fact I'd call it boring.

And one more thing that I find totally hilarious. Don't judge, because it's really mean that I find it funny. We know this girl, she's Rob's best guy bud's fiance. She's tiny, like 98 lbs soaking wet, 5'2 maybe. She just had a baby girl back in March and the whole time she was pregnant she hated it, even though she wanted soooo bad to have a baby. The whole time I was making hopes opposite of hers. Like say, she wanted baby to come at 37 weeks and when she'd 'guess' that out loud I'd say... hmm, I bet she comes at 41 weeks (I was right BTW!) So anyways, just before baby came, I said... I hope she stays fat after baby comes. LOL MEAN! but.. seriously, she was tooooo skinny and plus I'm positive that it makes her feel superior to be skinny and tiny. Point of my story, about a week ago, 10 weeks post-partum, she was at the bar with her fiance {drinking} and someone asked if she was pregnant! LOL YESSS!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is why . .

you aren't supposed to make a pot of coffee and a bowl of cereal at the same time. Normally I make the coffee first. Picture me, making my daily bowl of cereal when I realize that I haven't started my daily pot of coffee. Good thing I haven't poured the milk yet, so I get the coffee pot ready, filter, then I take out my bag of coffee (bought w/coupons, super cheap & the good kind) get the scoop and start putting coffee into my Rice Krispies. Oh lovely. I actually dumped most of the scoop on the counter, because I was already in the motion of dumping when I realized what I was doing, so most of it missed and I ate them anyway. After I added sugar & milk to them.
Geez it feels weird that it's Wednesday! Still feels like Monday somehow, even though I worked yesterday too. I need a nap.
I got a really good idea the other day and I did a little research and it already exists. Still gonna make it since now I have directions. The only hints are: I made a trip to Hobby Lobby today and got a little can of spraypaint, some fingering weight yarn (really light; think lace) and some really tiny knitting needles. :)

Also, now I know why Veet says not to get on cuts or whatever on the bottle. Yeeoooowww! Still. Like 24 hours later.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


K, so I guess we don't have a walker. I'm soooo ready and it just isn't happening. He can. He will. He doesn't want to! He's getting really good at holding just one finger and walking alongside, but he is afraid of letting go, even though he knows he can do it. Other than that, not a whole lot going on.
He stands though:

This was at the park. While we were there, I let him wear off some (a lot of) energy and crawl all over where there was grass. I ran up this little hill and rolled down. He wanted to try so he crawled as fast as he could to the top, then started crawling back down... backwards. So cute & soo funny. He learned rolling over and over in the livingroom and giggled up a storm so I thought he'd try the hill. Little too scary yet. Anyways, then we sat on one of the big people swings (bench one) and swang for like 15 minutes and he just held on and enjoyed the breeze. Oh yea, and big boy got his 2nd haircut on Saturday.

Here's a little secret: I'm a message board junkie. I'm on one for knitting & crocheting. I only knit.. but whatevs. We had a Knit-A-Long and basically we got about 10 rows to work every day and try guess what the pattern was. We already knew it was a dishcloth, we had to guess the design. It was about a week long and here ya go! Ta-da! I did black because a while back, Rob's cousin asked me to make him some black dishclothes because he is using bath towels to get his frozen pizzas from the oven. LOL. I didn't know it was going to be a starfish, but WTH he can have it anyway. I'll have to make more still.

So that's that. Back to work!