Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is why . .

you aren't supposed to make a pot of coffee and a bowl of cereal at the same time. Normally I make the coffee first. Picture me, making my daily bowl of cereal when I realize that I haven't started my daily pot of coffee. Good thing I haven't poured the milk yet, so I get the coffee pot ready, filter, then I take out my bag of coffee (bought w/coupons, super cheap & the good kind) get the scoop and start putting coffee into my Rice Krispies. Oh lovely. I actually dumped most of the scoop on the counter, because I was already in the motion of dumping when I realized what I was doing, so most of it missed and I ate them anyway. After I added sugar & milk to them.
Geez it feels weird that it's Wednesday! Still feels like Monday somehow, even though I worked yesterday too. I need a nap.
I got a really good idea the other day and I did a little research and it already exists. Still gonna make it since now I have directions. The only hints are: I made a trip to Hobby Lobby today and got a little can of spraypaint, some fingering weight yarn (really light; think lace) and some really tiny knitting needles. :)

Also, now I know why Veet says not to get on cuts or whatever on the bottle. Yeeoooowww! Still. Like 24 hours later.

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  1. LOL! I bet those were some interesting Rice Crispies! See what happens when our morning routines get messed up? I hate that.


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