Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I want to blog but I'm in a bad mood. I hate that!

I'll do an update, but it'll be short & sweet, how's that?

Last weekend, we took Dev to the lake. Not really a fan I don't think. Could be because he spent the majority of the trip being held or in his stroller. It was rainy and therefore muddy plus he's new to walking, so anytime there's a campfire he had to be held or restrained in his stroller, which we put with our chairs near the fire so it wasn't too bad. Sunday morning he walked to the car quite a few times. I think he was telling us he's ready to go LOL. On the way out, we ate lunch at my uncle Paul & aunt Elaine's cabin. Pretty sweet place.

Yesterday, my friend Kim celebrated (and had) her 21st Birthday! FI-NA-LLY!!! So yes, one of my bff's is younger than me, in fact, she is the same age as my little sister. Somehow though, I'm among her younger friends lol. Her and I graduated college together, she was 18 and I was.. 21. Anyways, she started at Paradiso, lots of people were there, including me. We had a clutzy waitress, I could not stop laughing when she fell TWICE in a row. I felt terrible for laughing, but I was having a bad day {noticing a trend?} and something funny just needed to happen. My first margarita got spilled on Kims friend Leah, by the waitress. Then everyone else went out to a bunch more bars. Kim's pregnant - so she wasn't drinking, but Leah really wanted to get drunk lol, so I offered to babysit her 5-week-old so they could go wild. He was an angel the entire time and I got my fix of babybaby snuggles. YAY! Oh they smell so good when they're tiny!

Also relating to Kim's birthday, I somehow put her birthday message on her fiance's facebook wall yesterday. LOL - he texted me later to tell me happy birthday back. Embarrassing. Made for a funny explanation when I saw them later though.

That's about all. I'm going now to figure out how to get my videos from my phone to my computer to Youtube. Wonder if I can put videos on my blog somehow...

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