Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm being tortured

Apprently, it is NBA Final Series time. Also, it is becoming obvious that we need another TV. I don't love basketball, but I learned a few things about the NBA this week. That counts for something I suppose. Things I didn't know before last night: 1. there is a Celtics player that is called Big Baby - by the announcers & everyone I guess, 2. The final series can potentially be se-ven games long. Great.



  1. Ugh! It's stories like these that make me thankful that my husband isn't really in to sports. Here's my idea - during the final series, you and Dev come and spend the weekend with us!

  2. I like that idea! Except they play a game every few days. I think it started last weekend. I know game 5 is tomorrow night so its almost over. Other than finals rob isn't in to bball much - thankfully. BORING


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