Monday, June 21, 2010

Auntie is here!

I'm supposed to be on a low-soda diet. Meaning, QUIT soda! I just can't! Today my hands & ankles feel swollen and I know it's because I drank diet coke (the enemy) last night. Also, I'm plus 7 lbs, which I know will go away with a day of lots of water. Usually I'm really good about balancing it out if I do drink some soda, but weekends are even lazy in that department. Also, my face won't stop breaking out. I've never had this problem before, I'm gross and I hate having pimples all over my face! Ok, they're mostly containted to my chin/mouth area. That's not any better..

Yesterday we went to Applebees for Rob's Father's Day dinner and he got a certificate for a free entree next time we go. I snapped this picture on the way in. And we were actually walking so I missed and cut off Rob's head. Trust me, he'd rather it be that way, he hates pictures anyway.

Look at them in their matching khaki shorts!!

Other newsworthy events, Auntie Lexi is staying with us this week. My daycare is moving (within proximity) this week so, we needed someone to take our goober while we work. Lexi is Devin's favorite aunt! Me and him drove halfway to meet her and mom (since she doesn't have her license yet) and Mom got out of the car to say hi to him, then when he saw Lexi he ignored grandma and got really excited about Lexi LOL.

He acted like a little show-off the rest of the night too. Like in the car, OMG came on the radio and he started in on the Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, we laughed so hard! I got a video I'll try posting maybe tomorrow of the end of him doing it. When we got home, he brought out all his coolest toys to show her. Of course showing off his walking skills, he made about 20 laps around the kitchen, since our kitchen, entryway, and hallway/livingroom are the perfect place for laps.

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