Monday, August 29, 2011

{TUSAL} August


I think this is the exact same as last month.
basically this month, i've started & frogged.
and re-started.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday

A new sock part 1. Just got to the heel flap.
Also, taking pictures while driving to work... (gmc on the steering wheel)

I frogged the bellingrath socks. they were too much of a pain, plus on the smallest needles possibly ever made. they were driving me crazy. So if I finish these socks it will be a miracle; I will feel like I've passed my own test. Now my only problem with these socks is the colors mixing kind of weird with the cable-ish pattern. It's kind of hard to even tell what's going on with this picture of it anyway.. sorry 'bout that.

I also started some mittens. I really really want to knit a pair I will love to wear so I cast on some with that yellow cascade, but I don't like the look, so I'll be giving it another shot. blah.

Happy Wednesday! (and why isn't it friday yet?!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the bravest boy

the life..
 We got to go camping once again. It's already the end of summer, makes me so sad. It was a short trip this time, we only spent one night. Grandma bought Devin a sandcastle set, and he got to indulge in some digging. He was seriously obsessed. Anytime he wasn't busy walking or helping with something he'd grab his basket of stuff and say 'wanna dig wif me?' and start heading toward the beach. at one point he was 'cooking' on the beach and taste tested - ewww. It was the life for little man, he got all dirty, ran around, and got to hang out with grandma&grandpa - his favorite!

The weather was cooler (especially at night, brrrr!) and we had some rain, but the days were beautiful. Sunday, we rode bikes around the lake. like 18 miles. first time I've ever done that, big accomplishment for me. I pulled Devin for awhile, but my mom is much more fit than me**, so we switched after the first 3-4 miles LOL.

Another highlight for Devin was riding in grandpa's boat. He loves watching Grandma 'pull the boat' or waterski as we call it. After that, I went behind the boat on the tube for a bit, and then Devin tried too. I couldn't believe how fearless he was! I rode with him, but he was holding on with one hand and waving at grandma on the shore as we drove by, no crying and no panicking. Wow!

We had a wonderful trip, and I have a tiny bit of knitting to show you tomorrow!

**{{Speaking of... my mom being fit, she has lost 100 lbs. Big accomplishment for HER! here's the little tiny lady with her favorite baby:
Compared with... last year:
I know she doesn't read my blog, but she's always been beautiful and I am so proud of her!}}

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The other day, Rob & I (and devin too) were driving home from somewhere, and about a block from our house saw a girl riding her bike AND flying a kite at the same time. (also, didn't seem very safe*)

I know almost no-one who doesn't love Diet Coke like I do. Other than Rob. I know, how are we even staying together?!

I recently watched the first part of Food Inc. . OMG GROSS! I'm never eating again - that should help my diet! bahaha. only kidding. but really, there was a story of a 2-1/2 year old who died of e.coli from a fast food burger, in twelve days it took his whole system down. very very sad. (especially since that's my Bubba's age right now. I just can't imagine.) Watch this show if you have time....

Devin can pedal his own bike!! When he got it for his birthday he was nowhere near touching the pedals, and I've been noticing all the sudden he has long legs, so we brought him and his little trike to the park and he rode 'awound and awound.'

The fiber one brownies did not taste like cardboard. They tasted like brownie mix made with black beans. I just recently tried the trick of making brownie mix with black beans and it was also terrific, though rob said it gave him gas. (actually he blamed the meal we ate that night, i never did tell him how I made the brownies though.)

*phrase of the year. I don't know, but all the sudden I catch myself saying this alot. Am I turning into my mother?

Friday, August 12, 2011

fabulous friday

remember I said I organized my coupons to get started (again) on saving money?
I finally had my first 'trip' today. it couldn't have gone any better!
(i lie, I'm sure it could have, but I think this is one of my best trips ever)

that's 2 trix yogurt, 2 grands biscuits, 1 fiber one brownies, 3 cereals, 2 fruit snacks, and a 12-pack of the nectar of the gods (diet coke - for free!)

all for under $10!

61% savings.
Go coupons!

Is it sad I'm most excited to try the brownies?
even though I'm sure they'll taste cardboard-ish...
Devin will be so excited, he's been on a yogurt kick lately.

Actually, this morning I grabbed myself a yogurt from the fridge this morning and stuck it in my purse for later at work.
Devin had to have one too, so he grabbed one for daycare.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I did find a picture of my little coffee bean cardigan. banana bean. haha.
it's finished now. all ends are woven in too. are you surprised? I kinda am.
actually it needs buttons. but I'm still deciding if this is a boy or girl sweater?
seems sorta boyish, but then you see the shorter sleeves, and the yarn-over (lace) detail on the shoulder seams. I think a flower to clip on might be cute. or else, i could go with more masculine looking buttons.
Anyways, I love this sweater!
this is not the finished product

I'm actually running low on unfinished stuff. which is good, but also, not my style.
and i am going around and around in my head what I want to start next.
I have no patterns or yarn in mind and I wish I did. That would make choosing one to start on a bit easier.

My list looks like:
  • afghan (maybe)
  • sweater for me
  • christmas stockings
  • mittens
  • sweater-vest for Devin
  • or something else cute for Devin

 Trust me, I've been looking for that magical pattern to make me cast on something, but I'm just stuck. I spent a few hours on ravelry looking and admiring others' projects. I found some of the cutest (and funniest) things!
(following photos from ravelry)
watermelon change purse from ravelry
fruit bookmarks. haha.
minion hat. cuuute!
enormous sock scarf.. uhh?
Hopefully by next week I've found something to work on!
Happy Wednesday~


Thursday, August 4, 2011

july re-cap

Well, we've had Rob's dad & stepmom visit 2 weekends in a row. Devin got to re-meet them, he's met them twice before, but he was 6 months and 18 months, so he didn't remember 'grandma & grandpa'. We went to the air museum and the zoo. Both on hot & humid days and yet, both fun because we were doing them with special people.
d & grandpa at the zoo

feeding the ducks

petting (and brushing) the goats
After they left, Rob traded his beloved Harley Davidson for a car. No, not a sensible family car (momma needs new wheels!), but we still each have one of those and we all can't ride the Harley together anyhow, right? In fact, try picturing a scenario where even Rob & I can go out together... doesn't happen with the little guy at home. We haven't gotten the car out of the garage much yet, because it needs some things (minor and all things he can do himself), but the other night we got to go out with the t-tops off. Love it.

On a completely different topic - the horrid dentist trip I had last month left me thinking something was wrong with me. Like high blood pressure. I was so super worried about being turning 25 and having to take medicine forever.. blah blah blah.... A month later, I had my annual physical and as it turns out...
I am totally normal! HOORAY! I was a wreck for like a whole month all because the dental hygienist can't work a blood pressure cuff. She tried two different methods too.. (the upper arm and the wrist one). Glad that's over!

and to celebrate that - and turning twenty-five (which I am still not all that comfortable with...) I am planning to have a grown-up (and little boys) sleepover with my good friend Kim this weekend. What do you do when you're 25 and you've never had a sleepover with a certain one of your besties?... fix that! Funny because just days before we decided on this, I heard on the radio that adults don't do this... and they were wondering why. I guess they concluded that it is sort of 'awkward' .. meh. I just thought it was weird because she brought it up and I had never mentioned the radio thing to her.

I also worked on a quilt with my  mom (needs to be finished soon! going to do it again this weekend), went to my cousins bachelorette party out of town, gave Devin and Rob haircuts, knit a shawl, and got a binder for my coupons and got it all organized and ready to start couponing more seriously again. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

well. wednesday got away from me quickly! not that i'm too surprised, but still, it is a workday so . . . .

Anyways, I haven't been knitting much this week, but I did finish the azul shawl:

And I like it! One thing I should have done differently is... bind off more loosely. Looser? Anyways, next time I will simply use bigger needles. I thought it would be fine, but I apparently am not a loose knitter. It did stretch out with a bit of blocking, so i'm not complaining. After all is said & done, I think I picked the perfect pattern for this yarn, it's sparkly, plus has the black in it, so if it had done a more complicated pattern (like I wanted) it might have gotten to be too much...

today I worked on the ruby bear during my lunch break, and all she needs is another leg and to be stitched together, which I'm guessing will be a pain, but I already have buttons for her and she wants to be finished :)

now, i need payday (or birthday money!) to come again quickly so I can buy more yarn... i'm running out of stuff i want to do with what (little bit) I've got in my stash...

Happy Wednesday!