Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday

A new sock part 1. Just got to the heel flap.
Also, taking pictures while driving to work... (gmc on the steering wheel)

I frogged the bellingrath socks. they were too much of a pain, plus on the smallest needles possibly ever made. they were driving me crazy. So if I finish these socks it will be a miracle; I will feel like I've passed my own test. Now my only problem with these socks is the colors mixing kind of weird with the cable-ish pattern. It's kind of hard to even tell what's going on with this picture of it anyway.. sorry 'bout that.

I also started some mittens. I really really want to knit a pair I will love to wear so I cast on some with that yellow cascade, but I don't like the look, so I'll be giving it another shot. blah.

Happy Wednesday! (and why isn't it friday yet?!)

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