Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The other day, Rob & I (and devin too) were driving home from somewhere, and about a block from our house saw a girl riding her bike AND flying a kite at the same time. she.is.awesome. (also, didn't seem very safe*)

I know almost no-one who doesn't love Diet Coke like I do. Other than Rob. I know, how are we even staying together?!

I recently watched the first part of Food Inc. . OMG GROSS! I'm never eating again - that should help my diet! bahaha. only kidding. but really, there was a story of a 2-1/2 year old who died of e.coli from a fast food burger, in twelve days it took his whole system down. very very sad. (especially since that's my Bubba's age right now. I just can't imagine.) Watch this show if you have time....

Devin can pedal his own bike!! When he got it for his birthday he was nowhere near touching the pedals, and I've been noticing all the sudden he has long legs, so we brought him and his little trike to the park and he rode 'awound and awound.'

The fiber one brownies did not taste like cardboard. They tasted like brownie mix made with black beans. I just recently tried the trick of making brownie mix with black beans and it was also terrific, though rob said it gave him gas. (actually he blamed the meal we ate that night, i never did tell him how I made the brownies though.)

*phrase of the year. I don't know, but all the sudden I catch myself saying this alot. Am I turning into my mother?

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  1. I would try that brownie mix and black bean thing but my husband would have to sleep in the garage. I don't think he'd like that.


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