Friday, August 12, 2011

fabulous friday

remember I said I organized my coupons to get started (again) on saving money?
I finally had my first 'trip' today. it couldn't have gone any better!
(i lie, I'm sure it could have, but I think this is one of my best trips ever)

that's 2 trix yogurt, 2 grands biscuits, 1 fiber one brownies, 3 cereals, 2 fruit snacks, and a 12-pack of the nectar of the gods (diet coke - for free!)

all for under $10!

61% savings.
Go coupons!

Is it sad I'm most excited to try the brownies?
even though I'm sure they'll taste cardboard-ish...
Devin will be so excited, he's been on a yogurt kick lately.

Actually, this morning I grabbed myself a yogurt from the fridge this morning and stuck it in my purse for later at work.
Devin had to have one too, so he grabbed one for daycare.

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  1. I've been wondering about those brownies. Let us know how they taste. Nice job with the coupons!


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