Thursday, August 4, 2011

july re-cap

Well, we've had Rob's dad & stepmom visit 2 weekends in a row. Devin got to re-meet them, he's met them twice before, but he was 6 months and 18 months, so he didn't remember 'grandma & grandpa'. We went to the air museum and the zoo. Both on hot & humid days and yet, both fun because we were doing them with special people.
d & grandpa at the zoo

feeding the ducks

petting (and brushing) the goats
After they left, Rob traded his beloved Harley Davidson for a car. No, not a sensible family car (momma needs new wheels!), but we still each have one of those and we all can't ride the Harley together anyhow, right? In fact, try picturing a scenario where even Rob & I can go out together... doesn't happen with the little guy at home. We haven't gotten the car out of the garage much yet, because it needs some things (minor and all things he can do himself), but the other night we got to go out with the t-tops off. Love it.

On a completely different topic - the horrid dentist trip I had last month left me thinking something was wrong with me. Like high blood pressure. I was so super worried about being turning 25 and having to take medicine forever.. blah blah blah.... A month later, I had my annual physical and as it turns out...
I am totally normal! HOORAY! I was a wreck for like a whole month all because the dental hygienist can't work a blood pressure cuff. She tried two different methods too.. (the upper arm and the wrist one). Glad that's over!

and to celebrate that - and turning twenty-five (which I am still not all that comfortable with...) I am planning to have a grown-up (and little boys) sleepover with my good friend Kim this weekend. What do you do when you're 25 and you've never had a sleepover with a certain one of your besties?... fix that! Funny because just days before we decided on this, I heard on the radio that adults don't do this... and they were wondering why. I guess they concluded that it is sort of 'awkward' .. meh. I just thought it was weird because she brought it up and I had never mentioned the radio thing to her.

I also worked on a quilt with my  mom (needs to be finished soon! going to do it again this weekend), went to my cousins bachelorette party out of town, gave Devin and Rob haircuts, knit a shawl, and got a binder for my coupons and got it all organized and ready to start couponing more seriously again. :)

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