Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I did find a picture of my little coffee bean cardigan. banana bean. haha.
it's finished now. all ends are woven in too. are you surprised? I kinda am.
actually it needs buttons. but I'm still deciding if this is a boy or girl sweater?
seems sorta boyish, but then you see the shorter sleeves, and the yarn-over (lace) detail on the shoulder seams. I think a flower to clip on might be cute. or else, i could go with more masculine looking buttons.
Anyways, I love this sweater!
this is not the finished product

I'm actually running low on unfinished stuff. which is good, but also, not my style.
and i am going around and around in my head what I want to start next.
I have no patterns or yarn in mind and I wish I did. That would make choosing one to start on a bit easier.

My list looks like:
  • afghan (maybe)
  • sweater for me
  • christmas stockings
  • mittens
  • sweater-vest for Devin
  • or something else cute for Devin

 Trust me, I've been looking for that magical pattern to make me cast on something, but I'm just stuck. I spent a few hours on ravelry looking and admiring others' projects. I found some of the cutest (and funniest) things!
(following photos from ravelry)
watermelon change purse from ravelry
fruit bookmarks. haha.
minion hat. cuuute!
enormous sock scarf.. uhh?
Hopefully by next week I've found something to work on!
Happy Wednesday~



  1. I LOVE those projects you found--that sock scarf is crazy adorable. What did you decide to do about the baby sweater? It's really sweet.

  2. I have decided to keep it on a shelf until something comes up. Ha. laziness.....


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