Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

well. wednesday got away from me quickly! not that i'm too surprised, but still, it is a workday so . . . .

Anyways, I haven't been knitting much this week, but I did finish the azul shawl:

And I like it! One thing I should have done differently is... bind off more loosely. Looser? Anyways, next time I will simply use bigger needles. I thought it would be fine, but I apparently am not a loose knitter. It did stretch out with a bit of blocking, so i'm not complaining. After all is said & done, I think I picked the perfect pattern for this yarn, it's sparkly, plus has the black in it, so if it had done a more complicated pattern (like I wanted) it might have gotten to be too much...

today I worked on the ruby bear during my lunch break, and all she needs is another leg and to be stitched together, which I'm guessing will be a pain, but I already have buttons for her and she wants to be finished :)

now, i need payday (or birthday money!) to come again quickly so I can buy more yarn... i'm running out of stuff i want to do with what (little bit) I've got in my stash...

Happy Wednesday!

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