Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend review

Remember friday I had that dentist appointment? well it went horribly wrong. I have nothing else to say, other than do not procrastinate on dentist appointments. I'm a procrastinator. ugh.

after the stupid dentist, me and my youngest sister went to mcD for some iced coffee and to let Devin burn some energy in the play-land during off-peak hours. yep, when we got there he was the only guy playing. it was his first time in a mcD playland and he had a blast! He wouldn't come down, we had to bribe him down with a drink of 'ice cream' ha, frappucino. Not long after we showed up, a girl from his daycare (and her older sister) showed up, and they were the only 3 in there, which was really nice, I'm so worried he's going to get knocked down by bigger kids in there, but they helped him around. He wouldn't slide down the slide, he just wanted to play in the 'helecopter'.

saturday, i did next to nothing all day and it felt awesome. i even got a 3 hour nap in while Rob was working. but before that, I made burritos. mmm, I'd been craving my mom's burritos, so I got the recipe, and it was even easier than I thought and they came out exactly how I wanted. I could share the recipe, but then I'd have to kill you. just kidding, just ask if you want it. plus I made a new treat: caramel corn chex. it was as good as it sounds.

yesterday, it rained and D and me spent the day at my parents' house. mom & I got started on a big quilting project (my first). like huge. we spent 6+ hours and are not even halfway done. teamwork.

that's about all. today's monday and that's just eww, because it's raining. again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

technology love

So, we just got netflix a couple weeks ago (a little behind the times, I know). As if we weren't addicted enough to our TV.
We don't have cable, so we were watching network TV. NBC is my favorite network for anybody wondering. Whoever does not love the office is not my friend, for real, plus never call me or try to make plans with me on a thursday because I will 'forget'. Other shows I love: the biggest loser, SNL, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, 4th Hour of Today show (hoda & kathy lee on my lunch break, i just like watching KL get drunk so early in the day and make her hilarious faces, watch here for SNL's version of 4th hour), and now The Voice.

Now it's summer and all these shows are either off or re-runs. And we're watching netflix. I think this is a problem LOL. Rob even turned on Jersey Shore the other day and we've almost finished two seasons in like a week. Yes, he picked it and even though it is stupid as can be, we're hooked.

One thing I love about netflix (even if it is a problem) is that there's TONS of kids shows. A ba-jillion episodes of Thomas the Tank engine, Dora the Explorer, Barney, Diego, and more. Devin is also in love. He thinks that if he brings the controller we'll put on 'Eggo' (diego) every time. He's so cute when he watches his shows too, both Dora and Diego ask questions throughout the show and he answers everytime, mostly looking at me like I asked the question. Recently, we all enjoyed the Gumby movie. So weird to think that I was watching Gumby when I was his age.

I especially love the feature that matches what you watch with what shows are similar and suggests them to you. The more shows I have to watch, the more time I have for knitting. (just kidding) (kind of)
Oh technology...
Sorry Blockbuster, I so don't miss you. I do however miss my old movie store that closed around christmas time, I could actually afford to rent movies there. This way is so much cheaper than blockbuster, we were spending $5 / movie at least 4 times per month and now I don't even have to physically go get the movies. yay!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

great week for my diet.

not so great for the rest of me. blaah. have had no appetite this last few days because of sinus junk and a toothache.* lost 5 lbs with absolutely no effort though. I like that. My body is also aching and I'm sleepy, not liking that so much. geesh.

today we ate lunch at culver's and a very nice lady said she really liked my sweater and that i looked very pretty in it. i like her.

I wish it wasn't raining  pouring out. My shoes got soaked on my lunch break and now my toes are cold. Plus, when it rains like this Rob gets the day off, and that's just not fair when I have to wake up early for work; sleeping in this weather is so much better than working.

I'll stop complaining now.

*the two may be related ..and I have a dentist appointment this friday, thankfully.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

ok, so I actually only finished one thing, but it's a pair so does that count as two then?
(this picture sucks with a capital 's' but it's all i have)
I knit these on size 1dpns, which seem huge compared to the size 0s i'm using for the bellingrath socks. i'm beginning to think that tiny needles are not my thing. they may stow away easily, but they take ages to actually complete anything on.
I actually did follow the pattern correctly this time and used the recommended yarn (Patons Kroy 4-ply)  and everything. My sister has them now and she's happy. Think these look better modeled for pictures ha.

then, of course, as I finish something I must start something else (even if there's more unfinished stuff)
baby hat. not sure what for, other than using up scraps and I love stripes. :) personally I love this hat and these colors together. Rob says 'meh'. so idk, what do you think?
also. I have two baby sweaters almost complete. one of those is for the same reason as this hat, though it does not match it (and would be finished if the yarn hadn't been waiting for me at the post office for a few weeks, better get that today before they send it back). and the other has a person(/baby) to go to and is complete other than weaving ends in.

Plus the cameron sweater & bellingrath socks.. dont want to talk about these. ha. they haven't been touched in awhile.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

weekend wedding fun

two things i forgot at home: sunglasses & camera.

so, the weekend began for us at a tiny salon 50 miles from home at 10:00AM on friday morning.
Rob dropped me off to be with the girls and the poor guy had to waste like 2 hours in an unfamiliar town. good thing there's a tire shop across the road and we have a spare that needs mounting (whatever that means ha!)
The plans for this whole weekend were either very loose, OR not fully communicated.
either way.
checked into our hotel another 25 miles down the road at about 12:30. Also by now: my manicure is chipped on about 8 of 10 fingernails. :) {didnt I say I'm awesome last post?}
Next, decorating and old rustic dance hall. pretty & wonderful. also some apple pie. not the food kind.
then. getting ready for rehearsal (outdoors) and the rain starts. at least it's just rain - no storm.
lots of time gaps in between, but then we go to the golf course (club?) for dinner which was also supposed to be outside but it was still raining. darn. we ate amongst another wedding group inside. ha. the other bride was also named kim. cute.
Morning came very soon and all the bridesmaids met at the brides' parents for mimosas and hair/make-up.
Picture time. 1PM 1:45 PM. Bridesmaids & Bride only (males at 3ish) This is the first wedding I've been to that the bride & groom held tradition he literally did not see her dress until the moment she walked down the aisle. So there were also more pictures for the b&g after the wedding.
Ceremony at 4PM 4:15PM. Did I mention it was very sunny the day of the ceremony? As in, the whole day? The ceremony & pictures were outdoors. Everyone in the bridal party had nice pink shoulders & cheeks at dinner (mine are still burned!). The men were probably boiling in their black suits, the dresses were long, black & strapless, so girls were complaining of sweaty legs LOL. Also, the bridal party was about half the entire wedding as far as I could tell. Seemed like there were 30 of us!
The rings were tied to a pillow, and some dummy gave the pillow to the 5 month-old sitting in a wagon while we waited for the ceremony to start. Anybody who can guess that one of the rings went missing in the grass gets 20 points. Anyways, the baby was brought down the aisle in a wagon by her brother, the ring-bearer, and cousin, the flower girl; the ring was hunted down before the bride found out. One of the couples best friends officiated, which not that many people can say. I thought that was pretty neat. Instead of a unity candle, they did a sand ceremony with four colors, one for each family member.
We danced & partied until way too late. Made it home the next morning, all in one piece with my legs feeling really tight and like 300lbs each and a heart-shaped bruise the size of a baseball on my inner forearm.

At the end of it all, I had a total blast, am glad its over and was super excited to sleep in my own bed again.

{{UPDATE: link to the photographers pictures (so far): }}

Thursday, June 9, 2011

wedding + update

We finally had a hot day that we could play in water! 90+ degrees!
The boys played in a little wading pool AND the sprinkler, which i didn't get any cute pictures of, but Devin was trying to get drinks from it and his friend was trying to play it like a guitar. ha.
meet kim {and her baby girl Dylan}. she's getting married this weekend.
am i a bridesmaid you ask. oh yes i am. my 4th bridesmaids dress in 6 years. i'm just cool like that.
funny story, the dress is identical to the first bridesmaids dress i wore except the color haha.

also, a tiny miracle has happened.
another bridesmaid from the wedding asked me to hem her dress.
 i admitted that i've never sewn on a dress before, but yet, she trusted me.
and it all turned out ok. well we'll see how it holds up to dancing.
it's full-length and rob suggested I just hack it up above the knee. funny guy.
it was kind of alot of work once it was all said and done.
i did the top layer first and was going to call it a day until I hung it back on the hanger.
the inside layers were sticking out. ew. so i fixed that too.

i'm trying to check out my pictures to see what else we've been up to.
not alot.
here's devin watching rob drive his rc truck.
(no pictures of the truck because I think it's lame.. {devin loves it of course})
I just love babies in hoodies.

also, devin is sitting at the table like a big kid to eat 100% of the time now.
here's breakfast:

one last thing, i've been knitting like a freak to get some of my unfinished stuff finished.
maybe we'll have photos of that next week.

Friday, June 3, 2011

{TUSAL} - june

didn't i just do one of these?
and i've added some since then. finally finishing something . . . .