Monday, June 27, 2011

weekend review

Remember friday I had that dentist appointment? well it went horribly wrong. I have nothing else to say, other than do not procrastinate on dentist appointments. I'm a procrastinator. ugh.

after the stupid dentist, me and my youngest sister went to mcD for some iced coffee and to let Devin burn some energy in the play-land during off-peak hours. yep, when we got there he was the only guy playing. it was his first time in a mcD playland and he had a blast! He wouldn't come down, we had to bribe him down with a drink of 'ice cream' ha, frappucino. Not long after we showed up, a girl from his daycare (and her older sister) showed up, and they were the only 3 in there, which was really nice, I'm so worried he's going to get knocked down by bigger kids in there, but they helped him around. He wouldn't slide down the slide, he just wanted to play in the 'helecopter'.

saturday, i did next to nothing all day and it felt awesome. i even got a 3 hour nap in while Rob was working. but before that, I made burritos. mmm, I'd been craving my mom's burritos, so I got the recipe, and it was even easier than I thought and they came out exactly how I wanted. I could share the recipe, but then I'd have to kill you. just kidding, just ask if you want it. plus I made a new treat: caramel corn chex. it was as good as it sounds.

yesterday, it rained and D and me spent the day at my parents' house. mom & I got started on a big quilting project (my first). like huge. we spent 6+ hours and are not even halfway done. teamwork.

that's about all. today's monday and that's just eww, because it's raining. again.

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  1. O.K. The mcD thing sounds pretty fun, but you glossed over the dentist pretty quickly. I hope all is well with your teeth.


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