Thursday, June 9, 2011

wedding + update

We finally had a hot day that we could play in water! 90+ degrees!
The boys played in a little wading pool AND the sprinkler, which i didn't get any cute pictures of, but Devin was trying to get drinks from it and his friend was trying to play it like a guitar. ha.
meet kim {and her baby girl Dylan}. she's getting married this weekend.
am i a bridesmaid you ask. oh yes i am. my 4th bridesmaids dress in 6 years. i'm just cool like that.
funny story, the dress is identical to the first bridesmaids dress i wore except the color haha.

also, a tiny miracle has happened.
another bridesmaid from the wedding asked me to hem her dress.
 i admitted that i've never sewn on a dress before, but yet, she trusted me.
and it all turned out ok. well we'll see how it holds up to dancing.
it's full-length and rob suggested I just hack it up above the knee. funny guy.
it was kind of alot of work once it was all said and done.
i did the top layer first and was going to call it a day until I hung it back on the hanger.
the inside layers were sticking out. ew. so i fixed that too.

i'm trying to check out my pictures to see what else we've been up to.
not alot.
here's devin watching rob drive his rc truck.
(no pictures of the truck because I think it's lame.. {devin loves it of course})
I just love babies in hoodies.

also, devin is sitting at the table like a big kid to eat 100% of the time now.
here's breakfast:

one last thing, i've been knitting like a freak to get some of my unfinished stuff finished.
maybe we'll have photos of that next week.


  1. Congrats on that hemming. Sounds like you've found yourself another craft!


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