Tuesday, June 21, 2011

great week for my diet.

not so great for the rest of me. blaah. have had no appetite this last few days because of sinus junk and a toothache.* lost 5 lbs with absolutely no effort though. I like that. My body is also aching and I'm sleepy, not liking that so much. geesh.

today we ate lunch at culver's and a very nice lady said she really liked my sweater and that i looked very pretty in it. i like her.

I wish it wasn't raining  pouring out. My shoes got soaked on my lunch break and now my toes are cold. Plus, when it rains like this Rob gets the day off, and that's just not fair when I have to wake up early for work; sleeping in this weather is so much better than working.

I'll stop complaining now.

*the two may be related ..and I have a dentist appointment this friday, thankfully.


  1. Oh no! Summer is not the time to feel yucky! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. this stupid weather is definitely the icing on the snot cake.


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